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  • Si_Swe

    9 11.69%
  • lkjhgfdsa

    10 12.99%
  • coool brain

    5 6.49%
  • DoctorDigits

    1 1.30%
  • brambor

    6 7.79%
  • ChromaticCodex

    8 10.39%
  • Rob Powell

    2 2.60%
  • Camel

    22 28.57%
  • KleeWyck

    3 3.90%
  • Edward B

    14 18.18%
  • acb

    2 2.60%
  • metal militant

    1 1.30%
  • shadow1687

    2 2.60%
  • Doguin

    34 44.16%

    7 9.09%
  • ninety9

    5 6.49%
  • Call0ps

    3 3.90%
  • DefiledVisions

    15 19.48%
  • RedPen

    2 2.60%
  • Flame Unquenchable

    4 5.19%
  • Pat Thompson

    1 1.30%
  • njoo

    35 45.45%
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    C.O.W. #212 ,the Faberge Dragon!. VOTING!

    C.O.W. 212 Faberge dragon_Voting!



    Topic: Faberge dragon

    Deadline for the voting: 1 week.

    topic guidelines...

    - try to take visual cues from the look of the egg (colors, decoration, etc.) And incorporate those into the design of your dragon.

    - keep it a dragon. There are a lot of different kinds of dragons but it should be reasonably recognizable as a dragon.

    - remember to make it fancy! The more the better.

    awesome round everybody! since we're over 20 entries this will be multi-vote! please try and keep your votes limited to 3 to 5, but feel free to show love for those you didn't vote for by thanking their post. also, as always, no self voting!
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    Artist: Si_Swe

    Concept: Great Emperor Wyrm

    Living in the mesas of Areth Myn is the glorious Emperor Wyrm. A rare sight, the seemingly eyeless dragons have been noted as carrying with them an aura of omniscience and majesty. A Great Emperor Wyrm lays one egg every three hundred years. The eggs, covered in ornate patterning of silver, platinum and gemstones, are rumored to give immortality to one who eats it. This legend is yet unconfirmed, the closest anyone getting to this prize being a rather unscrupulous duke who, upon reaching the nest, was promptly tossed casually off by the nesting Wyrm.

    Attachment 1233296

    Based off of the sample egg provided by (lark, pictured below:
    C.O.W. #212 ,the Faberge Dragon!. VOTING!
    Check out creature designs and make some of your own:
    Creature of the Week; Creature Spot

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    Artist: lkjhgfdsa

    Concept: FableJet

    Small beautifully feathered and scaled Dragons that are often collected and raced by those who can afford the exuberant prices set for the rare and beautiful eggs that they hatch from.
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    the Faberge Dragon

    Artist: coool_brain

    Concept: Faberge Dragon

    (sorry, couldn't think of any description)

    Name:  fabergeDragon_v11.jpg
Views: 4385
Size:  184.2 KB

    my egg... sorry, dragon's egg

    C.O.W. #212 ,the Faberge Dragon!. VOTING!

    by the way LeMarquis rendered this image in a 3d software(3dsmax i guess),
    like i said, credit for egg goes to Le Marquis. (It's Le Marquis's egg.)
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    Coool Brain

    Coool Brain's Blog

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    Artist: DoctorDigits

    Concept: The Great Mordrin

    Often sought after by adventurers, this dragon is a rarity who hears requests at night should you stumble upon him. After the request is asked of the dragon, upon daybreak the adventurer finds out the dragon’s decision whether it was to grant his or her request. . . or if the dragon doesnt have to search for a meal that day. They always hope its not the latter.

    Attachment 1233728

    and the egg i used

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    Artist: Brambor

    Concept: Faberge Dragon
    'Wow, Dad, look! It's a real dragon!'. 'No, son, it's just a wyvern. A very rare one and resembles a dragon but it's not the same. And we are here to steal her eggs because some crazy jeweller pays a fortune for it. Rumour has it that he later puts some toys in it, sells it to the rich men and claims that all of it is work of his hands'. 'Wyvern, shmivern, it's still a dragon to me!'.

    Attachment 1233869

    Egg: Rosebud Egg
    C.O.W. #212 ,the Faberge Dragon!. VOTING!
    My sketchbook Crits and advice highly encouraged!

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    Artist: ChromaticCodex

    Concept: Domestic Wyrm
    The once great sentient race of dragons were long ago driven to the brink of extinction by expanding human civilization. What remains of the super-predator race are the Domestic Wyrms. Only the most attractively colored and docile dragons were bred, reducing them to stupid beasts that serve as exotic pets for the super-wealthy.

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    Artist: Rob Powell

    Concept: Cualtzicoatl

    Also known as the 'serpent of fortune,' it is said that those who gaze upon Cualtzicoatl (beautiful serpent), with a pure heart are eternally blessed with good fortune. Those with ill intentions are cursed to live a wretched life.
    Cualtzicoatl dedicates its existence to guarding it's infant. The infant will one day replace its predecessor as a new diety.

    Attachment 1234594

    Egg used: Czarevitch egg
    Attachment 1234595
    Last edited by Rob Powell; May 18th, 2011 at 10:01 PM. Reason: added a larger image to sho details a little more clearly and separate egg image
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    Artist: Camel

    Concept: Flowering Gripswitch

    The Flowering Gripswitch makes its home high in the treetops, using its eighteen pairs of self-suctioning feet to keep a tight grip on the swaying branches. The Gripswitch’s back is lined with specialized scales that mimic the nectar filled pods of the native flora, which it uses to attract the insects on which it feeds. These highly adaptive scales serve another purpose during breeding season, when they, with the help of the pollinating insects they attract, spread the male Gripswitch’s genetic material to the highly camouflaged eggs laid strategically throughout the forest by the females.

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    Artist: KleeWyck

    Concept: Faberge Dragon
    This small dragon was practically hunted to extinction for its valuable scales and jewels on its back. They are rumored to be fast and agile, and feed on small rodents and insects.
    Last edited by KleeWyck; May 18th, 2011 at 05:53 AM. Reason: Forgot to include a border on my piece.

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    Artist: Edward B

    Concept: Paradise Dragon
    The paradise dragon lives to trump one another with ridiculous displays of colours and riddles.

    Attachment 1234206

    Attachment 1234207

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    Artist: acb

    Concept: the dragon of the storms

    so much energy coming out of such a small thing, it's egg is semi transpparent and the moving flow of colors and texture mesmerized each of the egg's previouse owners , but as it hatches, the dragon of storms unleashed hes wrath upon the landscape ,terraforming it from the vast fertile, lush and green lands to a dark desert overcomed by storms.

    the dragon:
    C.O.W. #212 ,the Faberge Dragon!. VOTING!

    the egg:
    C.O.W. #212 ,the Faberge Dragon!. VOTING!

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    Name: Metal militant

    Concept: Rosebudactylus

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    Artist: shadow1687

    Concept: Kalsinar

    This is a fierce dragon named Kalsinar keeper of a powerful breath of fire, with heat that was engendered his the wings took the egg design. This dragon is coveted by all dragon hunters who trying to kill it because every part of your body is very valuable, their bones are made of gold and his skin is extremely hard.

    Attachment 1235028

    this is the egg from he comes out:

    Attachment 1235029

    hope you like it
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    Chinese Faberge Dragon

    Artist: Daniel OGuin

    Concept: Golden Faberge
    Loved the patterns on the egg I found and decided it fit well on an oriental dragon.
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