Writer/Indie Director looking for Artists to create character art for pitches.

Details: The pitch for films will be put together as a bible book detailing storyboard, characters with bios, and the concept art of the world.

Comic book pitches will also be created off of the following stories.

Digital Painters are needed for realism representation of certain characters.

Sequential Art: Storyboards will be designed in BW ink or clean pencil. They are to flow in comic book panel style, not the conventional still shots of storyboards.

Animators needed to create 1-3 minute trailer pitch for films. 2D and 3D are needed.

Brief Story Info:

1. Looking for vengeance on the people who killed you and your family, sale your soul to the devil, only catch you age one year every day you are alive.
And you thought being a vigilante was easy.

Futuristic Western setting, think book of eli

2. PMS, pimples, PROM. Not that big a deal when staring down the barrel of a gun.

Set in Present. Lead is 17 yr old Brazilian named Shooter

3. When you need to kill a planet, you don't send in the good guys.
Realistic take on Super heroes. Think Mark Millar style but less comedy more gritty. Artist for this will be chosen for 24 page initial comic book pitch.

4. What if superman quit, okay he would never quit, but what if he lost his powers and the bad guys found out. Imagine that shit storm.

5. The only way to save the world, is to kill yourself.
Futuristic setting.

6. Your life is already planned out, you just have to read the story. Except the story was written 3000 years ago, and things change.
Futuristic setting.

7. World's greatest superhero, most beloved and most hated. It's 1960s and the Superhero on the front page of the paper is a black man.

8. All you want is a normal life, hard to do when you're reborn every time you die. So all you do is what they trained you to do...kill them all.
(You might be thinking highlander, so not highlander)
Futuristic setting

To be considered: you need to contact me via email at
renaldoevans@gmail.com with links to portfolios AND

Prices/ Comic page 6-8 panels

Prices/ Character Concept

Prices/ Digital Illustration

Prices/min for Animation.

If you have a certain story you want to be considered for, let me know.

Thank You,