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    CD Portfolios?

    Hopefully this is a simple question.

    What program are people using to put their portfolios on CD? Is there a software program? What are some methods in doing this, so you could just hand over your portfolio on disc and have someone "successfully" look at it. Are they using Flash? Or is there something out there specifically for this proceedure? Some kind of slide show program.

    anyways, that's it. just curious. thanks for your time!

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    Personally, I like to have a simple CD with just files on it. No schmantzy fancy flash presentation because 99.9 % of them suck like tornadoes. (timming pet-peeve)

    Tips :
    1 - You could name your files in the order you'd want the person on the other end to see them. Just like in a paper portfolio, the order of your pieces are crutial. For example ; bestest work first, strong piece in the middle, strong piece last.
    So you could name your files
    04_trogdor_35.jpg... and so on.

    2 - Use a GOOD and SLEEK cover for you cd box. Sometimes the drabness of a simple jewel case with Sharpie handwritting is just too anonymous. Be very careful with this step tho ; keep it simple and professional. Name, contact information. I don't tink a logo or fancy font is necessary but if you have confidence in your graphic design skills, knock yourself out. Keep in mind that this is the first impression you'll give out to a potential employer.. Better make it good !

    3 - If you include videos, make sure you don't encode with obscure and rare codecs. It's not everyone that has SLD codec pack installed... And of course don't put huge images in there either

    Lastly, this is never repeated enough but *ALWAYS* keep in mind that you won't be judged for your strenghts (sp?) but for your weaknesses. If you're unsure of putting a piece in there, don't put it. If you think it's "good enough", don't put it. Just show your BEST, KICKASS work to knock their socks off. Quality over quantity I say.

    2 cents to tell y'all the best of luck !!

    P.S.: A kickass paper always wins the hardcore artistic directors' heart.

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    Thanks for the info. That was actually one of the methods I was thinking of, but wasn't sure if people were just throwing their artwork on a CD, with no kind of viewer, flash intro or some kind of slide show.

    For the sake of curiosity. Are there programs that can do this that are fairly popular right now to use with artwork? Not necessarily Flash, with flashy intro's, but something fairly simple allowing the viewer to click through your entire portfolio? While retaining it's quality?

    Just curious. . . once again.

    Thanks yo!

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    I've been thinking about the same thing, I think you could put together a nice little presentation with basic html. Maybe even just put your current site on a disc?
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    I asked a very similiar question at I want to prepare for the workshop so I have something nice to hand out.

    I guess if you're going to an interview, paper would be the bestshot. Though it's nice to carry around a cd with your art in your pocket.

    On that note, anyone want to give me some feedback about my site?
    is it hard to navigate?
    is the work impressive?
    and should i seperate my sketches and my color pieces?

    My website is basically my portfolio.


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