Kindly hello to everyone, i am proud to present my non-commercial RTS project.
This is 3d remake of good oldschool retro rts Game DUNE 2000, we are making for fans. Project will be free to play game. So everyone could enjoy it.
Now project fastly develops in fraction, environment, code making, so i am in need of new talented people to work with.

I need good responsible 2d artists to make
-sprite art
-concepts, sketches for inner use.
-Mabe some design of sides. It is not fully complete yet so mabe you can involve it, and be proud of that full fraction got your design.

I think you better be a fan of dune RTS games and/or have some experience working with game development,
also i, as project leader, prefer industrial, depressive, mechanically correct dark design.

Project is not so promoted yet because it is a deep alpha so i not made any cool raytraced-posteffected well painted renders of stuff... So enjoy only screenshots of units in 3d editor viewport.(Harkonnen units/structures, this house is almost complete now. Every house will have its own design!)

Be free to click

Please contact me at (because i not found any PMing feature on this forum) if you are interested.