Sketchbook: Crystal Process - Spaceships, Philip K. Dick etc!
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Thread: Crystal Process - Spaceships, Philip K. Dick etc!

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    Crystal Process - Spaceships, Philip K. Dick etc!

    I've been a member of CA for ages, I had a sketchbook way too long ago, and I just started work on illustration for a story by Philip K Dick called The Crystal Crypt for the digital publishers I though I would post up my process as a kind of sketchbook.

    My style has changed a lot over the years, and I guess its a little different to most of the other SBs around here, hope its still acceptable! Plus I've working in a kind of 50's book cover rip-off to suit the dated story writing style and theme. Anyway, here's the process so far

    Spaceship designs

    For more detail on the process etc, hit up my blog

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