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    Claudio Grassi's portfolio for review

    My name is Claudio Grassi and I am a freelance artist based in Italy. As someone else mentioned I too am not very successful at this and would benefit greatly from some professional advice and direction. My background is in comic book illustration and I have little formal art training, I am mostly self taught and I think it shows especially in my digital work.

    I would love to be able to enter the field of entertainment art, concept design, but my lack of experience leads me to take too few risks perhaps and the overall result suffers from this.

    I would be grateful for any and all advice I may receive.
    Thanks in advance and now, heeeeere's my drawings:

    Name:  NatDef-magIllo1.jpg
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    Name:  Pilot-Character studies.jpg
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    Name:  C-Grassi-Angfgzh1.jpg
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    Name:  Erica-ZombieSlayer1.jpg
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    Name:  SteamPunk1.jpg
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    Name:  C-Grassi-NAYL1.jpg
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    Name:  Mermaid-warrior1.jpg
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    Name:  Destiny-Cgrassi1.jpg
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    Name:  AgingOutlaw1.jpg
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    Name:  sci-fi-jungleGirl-ink2.jpg
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    Name:  Boss-Gobbo2.jpg
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    Name:  BCardFront1.jpg
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    Name:  BCardBack1.jpg
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    Name:  First Character3.jpg
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    Name:  OUAH-page0-Color-small1.jpg
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    Name:  page10-color-small1.jpg
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    Name:  My-Mignola-Portrait4.jpg
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    Name:  CGrassi-chow215-sketch4.jpg
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    Thank you

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    I am not a professional, but i do like your work. If i were to give my own opinion, and i need to do this as well, practice making your people more realistic. Study the human body and its structure. Idk if this helps But nice work

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    You have some really nice work here. My advice would be to build your portfolio focused on your desired art field. Say you want to get hired as a character artist. Pages like the second picture in your posting would be excellent in a character artist's portfolio. I would recommend drawing side and back views of the character as well. Pictures like 3, 4, 15, and 16 would be great followed by character turn around pages of the characters shown in these pictures. A little back story on them and sketches of their weapons and tools would also be great to add on the character’s page. There is nothing wrong with being self taught, most of the really good artist I met in the game industry were self taught and only took art classes to refine certain skills. If you’re looking for some formal art training start with some life drawing classes, those are always good to take. I hope some of this advice helps you. Thanks for sharing your artwork with us.

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    The comic book stuff looks good to me, that panel of the girl throwing the knife is nicely done in terms of action, and the cowboy looks good. I really like the layout of first piece as well with the circuit boards.

    I think the last two are a little weak compared to your other stuff, I would lose them if I were you, or do some more work on them. The guy with the axe looks like a first pass WIP and a bit too sketchy to put as finished work as it is. I think you could tone down the values and colour saturation on the portrait a bit, her nose looks very shiny to me and her eye area seems quite dark.

    The third from last one down appears to be an uncredited Mike Mignola copy? I think as a general rule its best not to put studies like this into a portfolio, or if you do mark them clearly as such. Uncredited copies are inevitably gonna make anyone you send your portfolio to wonder about the originality of the other pieces.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!

    Hope this helps

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    Nice. Like it alot

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    Hi there, Claudio! For the first, your art looks pretty cool. I would suggest you to focus more on one style.

    The first image is, in my opinion, your best here. But as we go down the post we see different styles of work. That doesn't mean you should work with only one specific type of technique.

    But if you choose a style and make more pieces in the same technique it will make your portfolio look more consistent and the prospects would be more sure of what they could use your art for.

    Observing successful people's art would also give you more direction in what's needed in you to improve. Studying more anatomy would do you good. But you know you can bend the rules and have your own unique way of working the human body as it appears to be here.


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