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Thread: Final year project submission

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    Final year project submission

    Here are my character designed which are going to be put forward to assessment, they are part of my final year project. I have a graduate show a few weeks after. Im going to really polish them up before then.
    If you guys could tell me what you think it would be great.

    cybernetic character scene

    color scheme
    This color scheme has been made to reflect a cool landscape in the scene.

    Final year project submission

    I have just stuck with the round brush for this image. didn't use any textures. wanted to see how far i could get without.

    Final year project submission

    cybernetic orthographic

    Final year project submission

    Color scheme
    These colors have been selected using a gamut map. I wanted a very artificial urban looking landscape. no green in site.

    Final year project submission

    I have used textures quite a bit in this one. I wanted it to look a bit more abstract then the cybernetic scene.

    Gene enhanced character scene
    Final year project submission

    Gene enhanced character orthographic
    Final year project submission
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    Interesting character - I would completely rethink teh stalactite column placed so conveniently behind her. At first it looked like a billowing it interferes with seeing the walker legs.
    What would Caravaggio do?

    Plein Air
    Still Life
    Sight Measuring
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    I agree with Jeff about the stalactite, however in my opinion it looks more like the character is melded in and is part of the rockface. I am also not a fan of the giant yellow softbrushing, it is distracting and unnecessary in my opinion. Lighting is not my best field in digital painting but i think that if you want create harsher lighting coming from that direction, use some yellowish highlights on the rocks at the feet of the character.

    Regarding you gene enhanced character, Have her hands and feet come up the edge of the ledge, with her fingers gripping it. Her right arm also looks way too short. Her right leg also looks like it is infront of and cutting off the right side of the chest. The left foot is also too big. Check some anatomy references. The clothing could also do with ripples/shadows. The shading doesn't look right, use atmospheric colours for highlights and shadows rather than just lighter and darker colours and it seems like you have multiple light sources with highlights on both sides the body and no cast shadows.
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