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    Talking Asian Consumer Web Banners

    Hi, recently I created a few web banners for a website. "Asian consumer" for their following brands below & when regarding the products I only got the labels of the products for the design process, since this is a new product and the client haven't yet approved on the final packaging. Since they wanted the site up and running I had to draw the bottles from scratch in Photoshop using sample reference. Only for the oil bottles I used actual images and changed the labeling. So what do you think?

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    #1. You should check with your client, the stock image on the right in very poor quality in terms on JPEG quality for the resolution you need there. The image itself is very good thow. Text position is great, the flower overlapping the top of the bottle makes it feel a bit crowded. Of course I'm not suggesting you remove the flower or switch the bottles with each other, I don't know, if you downscale the bottles and the flower a bit it might give you some breathing space.

    #2. Nothing to say here except well done

    #3. The shadow on the crown's a bit too strong for my taste. Also the „Add royalty[...]” text's style isn't quite good. A drop shadow on a lite green would've been my pick. The contrast if a mass would of been way better than the contrast of a line. Of course it's not that much contrast as I suggested lite green, but a shadow would've fixed that nicely and would've connected to the crown element. Crown dropshadow, royalty text dropshadow, of course for the latter a more diffuse shadow would've been best since you have a delicate font. And because it's delicate, a lite color by itself would've been better. Use the enviroment near the text not just the text. In this case you would have dropped any direct contrast that the text would have had (wich is good since it's a delicate font it doesn't feel right to rough it up with an outline) and the contrast would have come not from the text but from it's enviroment (the shadow).The rest is very good.

    #4. Here I'd say down-scale the bottles, the text as it is, is crowded by the nature of the stock image, the bottles being that big aren't helping it.

    #5. This one is also good. I would experiment with this one, move the spark around, see how it changes the feel.

    #6. I'm guessing this one was a hard one to „crack”. Again the stock isn't doing you justice. I'm guessing you had a end edge to the right of the kid, thus you din't have much say in how the flow lines fit in it. The problem with this is that the cut is way too sudden, it's a 100% vertical. If the stock image permited, a 70 degree angle or around that would've been way better. The elements are again a bit too big. The safe kids logo could've suffered a down-scale to the benefit of the best assurance element. A bit magin would be great to it. As for the seat element, it's bit unsettling that the big seat breaks out of the white space. Down-scaling all of them a bit would give a better position.

    #7. This one is very good. Still, bottles too big, you do not, under any circumstance, want any element to cut the text or subtext, even if a bit. The 99.9% element could also go a bit to the upper right.

    All of them are well executed in design and concept, what I think you should focus on improving is size and positioning. I don't know if you did this but my advice is: after you make all the elements, move them around on the arboard a bit, that should help you to gasp a wider visual range, if you did do this, then perhaps size is the only thing that you need to work on and your positioning is probably just off because of the size.

    Whatever the case I wish you luck

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    The fonts you're using for "Lavender" and "Floral" look a little too aggressive for the subject matter. The outer glow on the overlapping flowers top right distracts me and I think removing it might help.

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