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Thread: C.O.W. #211. Red-Hot, Speckled Rock-Muncher - VOTING!

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    C.O.W. #211. Red-Hot, Speckled Rock-Muncher - VOTING!


    Topic: Red-Hot, Speckled Rock-Muncher.

    Round Requirements (read BEFORE voting):
    - Design must incorporate speckles in some way
    - Creature must generate heat or otherwise fit the description "red hot"
    - Creature must eat rocks in some way shape or form, or otherwise fit the title of "rock muncher"

    Single Vote (<20 entries)...

    Deadline for the voting: Wednesday May 11th, 2011

    Remember to show some love, thank the people who's entries you liked but couldn't vote for. Also, if you've got the time, please add some crits.
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    Artist: Steve Wood

    Concept: red rock eater

    A rare species of monotremes that dwell near the mouths of volcanoes and sulphuric pits. These creatures devour near by rocks to eat the anaerobic bacteria that live with in them. The extreme heat of their environments causes their iron like carapace to sometimes to glow red hot.

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    Artist: blankstate

    Concept: Lava Ants
    It's getting hot in here. SO HOT. So let's go eat some lava. 'Cause I am getting so hot, I'm gonna eat some lava.

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    Artist: RBeek

    Concept: Cravengus Stonus
    This creature uses his strong boned layer on his back and skull to break and crave rock.
    These smaller pieces of rock are then consumed and broken apart even further in his throat and tail.
    In the throat is a special kind of acid that heats the rock to enormous temperatures, causing it to melt a little and eventually turn into even smaller pieces. After the process in his neck and stomach is completed the small pieces go down to his tail where it can be heated again for 1 last time, the light that comes of his tail during this process is used to communicate between the creatures over long distances, by giving each other light signals...

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    Artist: Nocebo

    Concept: The Spotted Grocher

    The Spotted Grocher sucks in enormous amounts of air in where it heats it up. The hot air becomes so hot that it can melt rocks with it which it then ingests.

    The Spotted Grocher eyes and ears are protected with the hard rock-like material covering its head so they are hard to spot. The Spotted Grocher closes it eyes and ears when it heats up the rocks for eating as they can´t resist that high temperatures.
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    Artist: Hari Gopinathan

    Concept: Pyronis Petrosaurus

    Pyronis Petrosaurus is a fire breathing creature. Crazy amounts of heat are created within it, during the acidic reactions that help it create the fire. So inorder to dissipate this heat, and act as cooling agent in these reactions, it needs to consume a particular element found in the rocks on it's planet.
    This is also the reason why it has evolved three lower jaws. The combined crushing power enables the creature to break off and crush rocks.
    Hence though it's primary food is other creatures, it also needs to ingest a large quantity of these rocks inorder to regulate it's body temperature and to be able to use it's deadliest weapon.

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    Artist: Banvivirie

    Concept: Kettle Snail

    This small molluscan-like creature lives within deep underground caverns and tunnels. It feeds only on nutrient-poor rocks, which it scrapes at using its rasp-like tongue. In order to digest such a meal it requires a high metabolism and powerful reactive enzymes, ultimately resulting in very little nutrition and an intensely high body temperature. This creature must mask its presence from predators by placing small stones in its cauldron-shaped shell to absorb its body heat. At some point the stones will become so heated that they will glow, and the creature must switch them out for cooler rocks nearby. If startled, it may fling these burning hot embers out at the intruder while it sluggishly makes its escape.

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    Artist: Logistic Puppet

    Concept: Petros Munchos

    The Petros Munchos, otherwise known as the lava snail is a common pest which is usually found in large numbers around volcanic landscapes and rocky terrains. They feed by using glands on the edge of their mouths which give off a intense toxic heat which breaks down rock, making it easy for them to digest. Its because of this that when formed in large numbers they have been known to create huge craters of lava in the Earth and even be the cause of vocanic eruptions.

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    Artist: Edward B

    Concept: RockMuncher
    The speckled rockmuncher is often found close to rivers or pools of water, this is because of the eating habits of the creature.
    Important nutrients are found in the green rock the creature crunches to dust in its powerful jaws, the enormous friction heating the creature up to the point of it glowing red hot. The creature needs to continually dip into a source of water in order not to overheat.

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    Artist: Tigzz

    Concept: Rock digester
    This kind of a rock muncher can be found in natural caves or man-made mines, as it can't dig by itself. It can easily bite off huge rocks with it's strong jaws and then the creature finds a safe place to digest them. Rock digester gets twice bigger and heavier, when it's full, so it has to hide itself well. These guys can rise their inner temperature dramatically, so the hard stones just dissociate.

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    Artist: Rob Powell

    Concept: Infernodicaudia

    Name origin Infernus, Inferno (Latin)=Fire, di(Latin)=two, caudus, caud, caudia(Greek)=tail
    This creature has an extremely high internal body temperature, over 1000 degrees celsius. Due to their high body temperature, they require a high intake of minerals in their diet. They feed on ignious rocks, which are rich with Iron, Calcium, and Magnesium. There high body temperature aids in their ingestion of these rocks as it softens the rock as they naw on them with their strong jaws.
    Normally quite docile and peaceful, these 'Red-Hot' amphibians will attack if they feel like they are threatened. Their bite combined with their crushing power and dangerously high body temperature, may cause serious injury, such as third and fourth degree burns. Injuries may lead to amputation, or death. When in the presence of these creature, be extremely cautious. Due to their dangerous body heat and severe injuries caused by their bite, they have no natural predator. Although many deceased individuals were found as just a burned skeleton. A hypothesis was made saying that if they are unable to get their sustinence from the local rocks they would slowly burn from the inside out.
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    Artist: Si_Swe

    Concept: Yellow-Bellied Turmurran

    The Yellow-Bellied Turmurran survives on a curious diet of lichens, fire beetles and calcium crystals. In it's rocky native habitat, large shards of the calcium crystal jut from the crags, whereupon the Turmurran will use it's large, smashing limbs to break off a piece of crystal, using it's smaller feeding limbs to unceremoniously jam the crystal in their mouth as quickly as possible (for as the old saying goes: "Faster is more delicious... or whatever"). But calcium crystal deposits are rare in the dry and arid crags in which they live, so the Turmurran, much like desert lizards, stores it's extra food supply in it's massive tail. Because digesting the calcium crystal (and the sediment which comes along for the ride) is so difficult, the Turmurran's digestive system (including the calcium storage in the tail) is loaded with hyper-thermal digestive fluids. The result is that the creature is super-heated, making it nearly impossible for predators to get near without risk of severe burns.
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    Artist: Schoten

    Concept: Red-hot Rock Louse

    This species of giant louse lives in the calderas of active volcanoes. They feed by pulverizing knobs of rock into a fine dust that they can digest to get the iron and silica rich minerals. where large groups of theses creatures congregate the caldera develops a smooth bowl shape as every protruding rock is crunched off.

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