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  • stevethebunny

    11 15.28%
  • Blankstate

    0 0%
  • RBeek

    2 2.78%
  • Nocebo

    1 1.39%
  • Hari Gopinathan

    0 0%
  • logistic puppet

    2 2.78%
  • Edward B

    2 2.78%
  • Tigzz

    3 4.17%
  • Rob Powell

    0 0%
  • Si_Swe

    9 12.50%
  • sebs

    0 0%
  • DefiledVisions

    42 58.33%
  • Flame_Unquenchable

    0 0%
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Thread: C.O.W. #211. Red-Hot, Speckled Rock-Muncher - VOTING!

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    Thanks for all the crits guys, I definitely learned a thing or two. Looking forwards to learning some more on the next one.

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    Thank you all for your crits, they are much appreciated.

    StevethebunnyCool design man, I think you capture the brief very well. I love your colour palette to capture that red hot element. The only thing which I notice is out of place is slight perspective issues with the left creature and the one behind. All the same, still a great entry.

    Blankstate Good entry to the brief. I liked your golum creature munchin on rocks earlier in the week
    This dude needs grounding abit because at the moment it looks like hes floating above the lava. I think there would be lighting coming from that lava hes on also instead of just from above. Ants also usually work in large groups, so showing a few more in the background would perhaps show abit of scale and perspective. Hope this helps =)

    RBeek Nice atmosphere and a cool design. I think its tough to read this guy as red hot at the moment. The orange neck and tail make him look more warm and cozy as aposed to 'red hot'. Perhaps it would be cool to darken the design seeing as its night and bring an ambient red glow to his throat and tail, 1, to show its intense heat and 2, to bring more focal attention to these areas.

    Nocebo A cool idea and well thought out. I like the idea of a giant 'oven' kind of creature. My thoughts are without the side shot it is abit tough to read as a creature. Ive only just noticed his foot on the right which is a nice touch, but needs more attention as its tough to spot. I know eyes and ears are protected but more limbs would definitely make this design more readable and more dramatic. Finally I think this thing looks way bigger that its show on the side shot. From the main image I would imagine this thing to be as big as a mountain. Hope these help

    Hari Gopinathan Prity evil lookin creature, good job Although spotted and red hot I dont read rock muncher though. Also the background could use alot of work, because its too hazy and unclear and also the perspective of how the creature is stood on the environment looks out of place. Be sure to research lighting and values from life to help you with these problems. Also in future I would recommend working the creature and the background as one design, putting them on different layers in Photoshop will mean you dont have to copy and paste the creature onto the background and also make the creature feel more grounded ino his surroundings. Keep up the good work man

    Banvivirie Cute creature design, kinda reminds me of mine, great minds an all ;D
    My first thoughts were the creature was underwater because he seems to be floating slightly above the ground. There seems to be alot of shadow underneath him which gives the illusion of this. My other thought are, if im right here is that the colour palette is muted because its so dark underground that the only lighting and colour is coming from the creature, in which case i think you need to darken the overall design and make it a low tone image (mostly low values in the overall picture) and work on the lighting to make it read that the heat and light is coming from its shell. This would also make it read more 'red hot'. Hope this helps

    Edward B Not much to crit here bro, its very nicely rendered. My only thoughts (and this is my opinion) is that the body seems alit human like, also I dont see any speckles or read it as red hot. Cool design though none the less.

    Tigzz Prity cool design, I definitely read it as speckled and red hot. Just me being picky but perhaps some background would have helped the design because at the mo the light blue doesnt do him justice. Also I dont read him as a rock muncher so perhaps some clues to this in the design would have made him more readable.

    Rob Powell To be honest I thought these two guys chomping on some rocks looked quite cute but then i read your description and i thought "nasty little b£$%^&ds! lol ;p
    You've done a good job because they read very well to the brief. I also like the composition and the forground elemets. To be honest im havin trouble findin crits. Perhaps just that they feel abit flat by how they've been rendered but this I guess is a design desision. Great job, keep it up =)

    Si Swe Thank you for your crits, i'll try to improve on them for the future.
    Cool creature, I love how you've painted his rocky body. Painting rocks, as you can tell from my entry is something I struggle with alot. The lighting is also prity good. My only crits would be that although speckled its hard to read him as a rock eater. Also it might be worth bringing more attention to the yellow cracks in his tail area so that it reads beter as red hot. Part from that I like this dude. You would have had my vote if not for DefiledVisions entry.

    Schoten Cool design man, i like how you've rendered his body and the glowing areas. It reads well relating the topic. It would have been cool to render the left rocky area further to bring the creature further to reality. Also the background, which matches the creatures colour makes it look abit flat. This could also be addressed by sharpening the edges of your creature to bring him forward from the background.

    Sebs Cool creature. You've rendered it well. Firstly I dont know if its the perspective but the back half of his body looks way out of proportion to his front. I just cant imagine this guy walking on those little legs. Also, although red I'm having trouble reading him as hot. I think the cool midtone blue background doesnt help with this. Perhaps darkering the background mountains to up the contast between them and the creature would also bring the creature forward slightly.

    DefiledVisions Very cool man, you deserve to win this with that design. Like Si Swe said though, not much 'speckled' in his body but part from that its sweet!

    Flame Unquenchable No description which makes me (j/k)
    The perspective could use alot of work because its looking abit flat at the moment, especially his backhalf. Be sure to study perspective in the future to improve on this . Also the lighting looks abit out of place. Try to imagine a point where the light comes from and build your forms based on this. Studying values and lighting from life and tutorials will also help you alot, as they did/do me so be sure to check them out also. I think once you begin to understand these priciples you will see huge improvements in your design. Keep up the good work mate

    Thanks again for everyones crits, i hope mine were a help to others.

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    Thank you all for the crits much appreciated

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    I must say I'm stunned. All designs are looking great. I wish I could give my vote to more than one person ;<. It was a hard choice but finally my vote goes for RBeek. I really like overall mood and cuteness of this creature. There are some issues of course and there are few technically stronger pieces. But for me, in this case design and idea is more important than technical stuff. I would also like to congratulate DefiledVisions for very nice painting, I’m a big fan of this sketchy look you give to your piece. Si_Swe, Edward B and Stevethebunny you did awesome job grats and I look forward to see more of your works in the future.

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    hey guys voted for si_swe im digging your pieces more and more you are improving bro! i wish i could take part too but super busy at work lol. the new topic rules too btw - might be able to come in on that one! Anyway, good work guys! nice to see COW getting a little more popularity!

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    Thank you for the comments, guys! Your feedback really helped me to learn some things, I hope I will learn even more next time Theese challenges really provide a stimulus to draw and study

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    I know mine is a bit late....but I worked really hard on this one, and it took some extra time... Anyone care to give me some constructive criticism??

    C.O.W. #211. Red-Hot, Speckled Rock-Muncher - VOTING!

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