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    This is as far as I got, haven't got any more time to work on this until maybe the final day. I'll probably finish it sometime though, really enjoyed painting it.

    Apart from that, Andrew Sonea and lancer_idenoure, you guys really outdid yourself, awesome pieces. Also looking forward to seeing what the rest of you come up with, especially you PokePetter, it looks really promising.

    Anyways, I tried to work in some of the changes you suggested (stomach) and tried to tighten it up a bit, but it still needs some major work, not really happy with the face.

    Good luck to everyone!

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    Holy crap there's lots of good stuff here! I won't be a teenager anymore in a year, so I'm doing these challenges while I still have the chance!

    Rather than wreck a good character design, I decided to redesign Tingle because he's a joke character IMO whose full personality is not shown, which gave me the idea to explore his darker side. In the game it was funny how you could pop Tingles balloon, but he must have gotten pissed at Link eventually. So in my version he's out to get revenge with his brand new unpoppable jetpack and a ruppee launcher (since he loves ruppees).

    Looking at the other entries I think I screwed up the design part of the challenge because his costume is pretty much the same, but at least I got to practice my illustration and rendering skills. Maybe it won't take long to change his costume before the deadline?

    Also I'm not sure how the critique systems works cause it would take a long time to comment on everyones stuff, so I'll just comment on the most recent entries. I guess some people just critique when they feel like it and others critique the latest wips? Sorry I am not used to giving crits so I don't know.

    And whats up with the attachments thing? I don't know what category to put my art in.

    Andrew Sonea - The light hitting the folds on that suit is sexy. Is that supposed to be Megaman? Sorry it's kind of hard to tell, but it sure is badass.

    ike ike - Cool I like the blocky look to the armor, makes her look tougher. The thing on the right arm is looking interesting. There seems to be some perspective issues with the legs lining up to the vanishing point, but maybe it's just me.

    jenny7332 - I haven't played Cooking Mama so I dunno much about the character, but the way you're presenting the design is great. I hope you leave in the "good job" in the final cause it fills the empty space well. THUMBS UP!

    PieMonster - Whoa I'm diggin the suit and the lighting on the body looks great. Only thing I don't get is what did you do to his left leg? It was there in the previous version but now you painted it out? Otherwise good job.

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    Remember the deadline tomorrow, peeps!

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    I can't really work more on it now. Here's the process:

    1) Posed a model in sketchup, found the angle I wanted, and rendered it.
    2) The default sky isn't nice, so I used a photo as skylight. I also added the shield which I got from google warehouse.
    3) Started to block in the design.
    4) Adjusted lighting and painted some more.

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    OMG, so many nice pictures!! *___*

    Welll, I drew also a picture for this challenge (for the first time!)
    I hope I did everything right

    I have chosen Diabolos from Final Fantasy VIII for this competition . It's my favorite G.F. haha ^^
    I drew him as an armor for a human fighter haha :'D

    Here are some WIP's and the final picture:

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    Thought I'd join on the last day, but dunno if I'll have time to finish it.
    But here's a WIP anyway.
    It's Viking Mario BTW (lol hardly recognizable )
    Ever feel like you're hitting a wall? DON'T stop. TRY harder. Break THROUGH. It's WORTH it.

    My Sketchbook Thread! Crits and comments are always welcome!
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