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    Logo "button"

    I came up with this small simple logo for a friend's hat company (most of her hats have cat ears and whatnot)...she loved it, thought I'd share it with you guys and get any comments/feedback. It was a few months ago now that I made it, and looking at it now I'm not thrilled about my font choice but I think the face is still pretty cute.

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    is this for a website? if so the highlight will be fine but if she wants to reproduce it in print id highly recommend removing that highlight.
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    My first comment has already been mentioned but im just going to add that it's a hat company, so i assume the logo may be stitched aswell, in which case gradients wont work. Have you also tried looking at different colours for the background? Something that contrasts more with the face/hat to make it stand out more. Also take a look at the scaling of your logo, makeing sure it works at the sizes that it is going to be used at and on the medium it will be used. Some things to look out for - is the letter B readable at smaller sizes? are the black lines thick enough for scaling and can they be recreated with thread/stitching at that thickness.

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    I suspect you mean a button for a computer program, or maybe an icon? I think having that idea in your head might make you reconsider your design. Assuming its icon, I might remove the square around it and make the head larger. Also for consistency's sake, it might look nicer if the "B" was larger, and the lines within it around the same width as the lines on the cat. But overall i like the simplicity, its attractive.

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    The square and orange background are completely unnecessary. They don't really add anything to the design or say anything about the identity of your friend's business. It's all in the face. Looking at the face alone I wouldn't guess it was a hat company right off the bat. Looks more like an avatar or icon for chat. You may get away with cutting the face too, as cute as it is. Or at least somehow arrange it so the hat stands out more. Hats themselves can definitely be iconic. Considering adding type too, that would help sell the idea of it being a hat business. Maybe some text wearing an eared hat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by s.ketch View Post
    The square and orange background are completely unnecessary. They don't really add anything to the design or say anything about the identity of your friend's business. It's all in the face.
    Completely agree! The type you used is a bit childish and cuts the vectorized, clean graphics you've created. And I'd remove it from the hat , and maybe put it under the logo with some information about the store, so people can understand what that is about.

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    looks nice

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    try a 1 colour version of it, black on white (or whatever) considering the comments above - my concern is the line weight when reduced

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