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    Insect reference books?

    Hi, I am trying to buy an insect reference book with different views of bugs. Most books contain only top-down views of bugs or pictures bugs on a piece of leaf. I am also looking for books with some insect anatomy stuff, or insects that has their limbs taken apart, illustratively or by photograph.

    I am thinking of buying the "Animal" book by DK publishing, which contains a lot of animals but it doesn't look like it covers a lot of insects (does this book incorporate DK insects, all 72 pages of it?).

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    Well, why don't you go to the library, check out the available books (I would think they can find the Animal book too), see what looks best and start hunting that for you to buy?
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    Get a zoology textbook. Learn about insect anatomy. Profit.

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    In your case maybe you should look for a entomology manual... we used to study about insects back in high school but our manuals were very basic. I guess there are more scientific/academic books available. I think this would be your best bet if you want something solid, instead of Bugs for Dummies sorts of books. Searching for "entomology" brings some interesting results in amazon. You are in New York, right? The center of the world I bet there are book stores and libraries focused on scientific books.

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    Audubon society books have always been my favorite. Theyre full of great pictures, are about an inch or so thick, and have really high quality photography in them. I think i've looked at the pictures in them since i was about 3.

    They have everything from trees, fungus, insects, etc. to reptiles, amphibians, plants, and so on. And they're cheap too.

    Here's a link to their insects/spiders one (12 bucks and well worth the money):

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    Sorry to fly off the handle, but have you looked into getting a national geographic out or look in the childrens section of your local Barns and Nobles or what ever your local book store is.

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