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    Dima Goryainov's Portfolio

    Hey guys,

    My name is Dima Goryainov. I'm 19 and currently studying digital media at the University of Advancing Technology in Arizona.

    I'm looking to become a character concept artist or illustrator within the entertainment industry. So far I've been leaning toward a very stylized look, however, currently I'm working hard on expanding into various styles and more realistic artwork.

    I have about a year to expand my portfolio before graduating and trying to get into the industry. Therefore, all feedback is greatly appreciated!

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    Full online portfolio:

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    I would focus less on texture and more on actual painting/drawing skills. Texture can be nice and all, but in some of them like the last landscape it honestly looks like a very rough painting that you are trying to pass off as finished by throwing on some photo overlays. Or on the pants of a few of the characters, the textures don't even follow the folds--it actually is killing the forms and looks odd.

    None of these are entirely finished to me to be honest. You can still see brush strokes in many of them, most often a sort of squarish or perhaps a flat brush shape that appears over and over. It is not blended and is quite frankly just distracting.

    In terms of other technical issues, there is no set light source in these, and the forms are thus hard to read. The shadows also appear to be painted with black--do some still lifes or photo studies and you will see shadows have colour to them, and actually undergo a change in hue and saturation, not just the same colour in the light with black in it.

    Sorry if that seems a bit harsh, but I if you are graduating in a year I think you need to buckle down and get a handle on the issues I mentioned as soon as possible. I hope this helps!

    "Complacency is the womb of mediocrity. " -- Jason Manley

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    Aside from just focusing on mastering the fundamentals still, I'd say you should do a lot more photo studies and still life studies to get a better handle on color. The colors in your work is what sticks out to me the most as being off; the saturation of things and the unnatural colors just really stick out to me. Doing more photo studies would help you understand color a lot better I think, as well as master copies.

    The conceptual part though shows promise, so just keep working hard and doing a lot of studies to complement all of the imaginative work you do. Best of luck!

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