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    Art open for C & C

    Ok so heres some of my best digital stuff. I have alot more art but, I haven't done anything with it.

    This is Frog from the Game chrono trigger. I drew him, and traced him in FLASH, because I have not figured out how to color lineart very well, and then colored him in Photoshop.

    This is a concept that I like very much, I colored it in FLASH (pre-Photoshop days). I just love all the detail I put in this one.

    This is an idea that came to me in a dream. Also colored in Flash, i rather like the sandy-desert type color scheme.

    This is an unfinished concept for a robot baby programmed with AI that is like those robot dogs you can buy. It was done with lots of media including, graphite, mechanical pencil, sharpie, paint markers, Ink pen, Charcoal, and other stuff.

    Well that's all. More to come. You can check out the rest of my gallery at:

    O btw im only 16 so keep that in mind when you are telling me how much I suck.

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    The first picture isn't showing up.

    Keep working at it and try to start sketching some things from life [and just because it's a pet peeve of mine, avoid anime like the plague.) It's frustrating at first, especially relative to the talent here. But unlike the lot of the olden geezers that roam these forums, you have your golden years still ahead of you. So stick with it and listen to all the advice you get and you'll be that much more ready for the guantlet.

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    Thanks alot, i think i fixed the first pic, can you see it now?

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