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    You have not push the ball perfectly and the ball colors and background looks same so it does not looks so great to watch!

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    Recently joined CA, and I absolutely love the maturity of the forum and the interaction of the people on here.

    Anyway, back to critique, one point which I think hasn't been pointed out strongly enough is that people who give critique should strive not to be too harsh. Yes, you can give critique, but do it in an honest way.

    An example is the way OmenSpirit gives feedback on the thread that he mentions earlier in this thread. He gives critique and remains constructive all the time, even takes time to do an overpaint to illustrate what he means.

    Critique given too harsh, can really put a domper on people, and will kill creativity. I'm not saying you should not say it if something is wrong, just be honest and do it in a polite constructive manner.

    I'm saying this because it's something I've been guilty of myself in the past and thinking afterwards, I should have given the feedback differently. (it's regulated now, but I really put a damper on someone's enthousiasm, and what's worse wasn't even aware of it). It's easy to get carried away when giving critique, and as this is an online community, I feel it's something to guard against extra carefully.

    Just my two cents.
    On a discovery voyage in drawing wonderland.
    Feel free to check out my sketchbook and leave a comment. I like the feedback to draw lessons from.

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    interesting posts.. thanks for your posts ..)

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    These are all good points. Thank you

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