Hi Everyone,

My name is Kaustav Sinha from Kolkata, India! I'm the Founder, Owner and the Director of MATTE-EFFECT, a Digital Matte-Painting Freelance Company! But, within three months time, I have plans to set-up an onsite studio of the company in Kolkata, India! So, I am in need of Digital Matte-Painters, who would like to join the facility here in Kolkata in three months time! The Matte-Artists whom I'm seeking, needs to be extremely talented, passionate and dedicated! He/she should have a very impressive portfolio of works to display! The only requirement here is that, you must be willing to relocate to Kolkata (Calcutta), India to work here!

Those who are interested, kindly please send me an e-mail to : kaustavsinha10@gmail.com