Hi there,

Im looking for a Illustrator to design and illustrate a GUI surface for a dark scifi themed strategy (4X) game.
The job consists of two parts, the first one including standard elements like a resizeable window frame, buttons, dropdowns and the like (total of nine items) and the second one elements unique to the game like navigation tools, markers and backgrounds for the star map (around 30 items).

Im looking for someone with skills and at best already some experience in creating game GUI components, the style should be something like Mutant Chronicles Warzone or Battlefleet Gothic of Warhammer 40k (low-tech/steampunk scifi).
The game is currently in a prototype phase, so far most of the GUI stuff is programmers art, but it should be enough for an artist to get a "feel" of whats fitting.

Deadline for the first part is two weeks (the sooner the better), the second part another three weeks.

I prefer a fixed price for the whole job, but payment per hour is also okay for me.
Payment should be conducted using paypal, bank transfer is possible if youre from europe.

If youre interested, please send an email including your rates and references to moritz.pipahl@skeletonstudios.cc .

Have a nice day!