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    Which books to buy?

    I'm looking to buy quite a lot of books to help me learn to draw. I've already bought bridgmans complete drawing from life and all the hogarth books. Also got drawing on the right side of the brain.

    I've had a long look through peoples recommendations and I've made quite a long list. I was hoping people would be kind enough to tell me which of these are not worth getting in combination:

    Atlas of Human Anatomy (stephen rogers peck)

    Drawing Realistic Textures in Pencil

    How to Draw comics the marvel way

    Artists complete guide to figure drawing (anthony ryder)

    Painter 8 wow OR don seegmillers character book.. which is best?

    Drawing & painting fantasy figures: from the imagination to the page

    perspective made easy OR perspective for artists

    The Practice & Science of Drawing

    Natural Way to Draw (nicolaides)

    Pictorial composition

    Design and Composition Secrets of Professional Artists

    Drawing lessons from the great masters

    The Human Figure (Vanderpoel)

    Artists complete guide to facial expressions

    Master class in figure drawing


    cyclopedia anatomicae
    collins wildlife (photographic)

    Any advice on which are worth getting and which arent worth getting because most of the stuff in them is covered by other books would be appreciated!
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    I'm kind of against Nicolaide's book. I've read a little of it, and it seems like more work than you really need to do. Some of the information you can get from "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" and some from the figure drawing books.

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    The Natural Way to Draw

    Actually the natural way to draw was released far before "Drawing on the Right of the Brain". Nicolaide's book is a far more intense program than Betty Edward's book. Both have similar information but Edwards's book is more geared toward beginners and uses grids and other visual aids. If you have the time and energy to go through with Nicolaide's book I don't see the need to buy both.
    The Human Figure is also a great book that gives detailed descriptions on the human figure.
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