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    project logo, feedback?

    Please pick it apart.

    project logo, feedback?

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    Like the color mix, font's not that bad, depends what you were going for. The shadow's really hot. The „project” text isn't working for me. It's true you need one of the words to have a strong feeling and Project is a good choice, but the effect on it isn't working, it feels distracting, like P is something else from ROJECT. The effect itself is a soft, depth one, considering what you did with the other two, it's too different to blend in right. I would suggest a more a „close up” effect like a pattern or a uniform texture. Keep in mind that PROJECT is your strongest text, the first element anyone will notice, it has to be the most refined.

    As for placement, it feels a bit wrong. ERGODIC and PROJECT are about the same width, you should use that in a combo with CINEMA and make it all centered. The align to left would have worked if you had a pyramid composition (example: if the text was CINEMA, ERGODIC, PROJECT, it would have had a triunghiular aspect to it)
    Lastly, the thing you should be careful of is the fact that ergodic's go is melting in cinema's nem, as cinema's cinem is melting into project's pro. The font is a exact one so these kind of things tend to jump out in a wrong way more than in other cases. The problem is in the perspective. You should align the text in a 2D plane exactly one under the other, then in the 3D shift only the X axis to your liking, that way the text is perfectly aligned no matter what the shot angle. If the font letters are indeed not all the same concerning height, give the words a little space, not enough to notice but just enough to align the text correctly, the font is a solid one so a little space between words wouldn't affect the overall feeling that much.

    That's my take on it, good luck with it.

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    The color choice isn't bad. I would of have picked a bit more simple text. Overall not bad.

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    It seems to me you're going for an effect where the 'ergo' and 'project' are both parallel on the same plane but the cinema isn't parallel. If this is the case, I think you need to push it further - in design a contrasting element should be very contrasted, or else it can look like a mistake. If you do intend for all the words to be on the same plane, than I agree with Motion's comments. I also agree about the P feeling separate from the project.

    Also, I wouldn't necessarily call this a 'logo' - sorry to be nitpicky but the word logo is derived from 'logotype' which is typically a brand's name set in a unique ownable typeface - Microsoft, Nike, etc. In common parlance a 'logo' refers to a simple symbol representative of the brand – Nike swoosh, McDonald's M, etc.

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    this looks cool btw. I think three different fills is overkill. It really looks inconsistant and unstable. Honestly I think it would look better with the plain grey one. The wooden texture is contradictory and the dark texture hurts the legibility.

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    Are you going for something like this?
    project logo, feedback?

    I say the lighting is off. You have a really bright background and the light in the scene isn't flattering the text. Do you have the gray render? Plus the Final Gathering or GI is wonky, there's too much noise in the shadow. Can you post your render globals?
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