Science Fiction Short Film needs you!
I am currently looking for an concept artist for an upcoming independent and self-financed short film.

Unfortunately at present it is an unpaid position, although all efforts will be made to at least make a token payment, as well as a full credit and DVD of the completed film.

(If you wish to gain experience in design work for film, this could be a great opportunity).

About the Film:

'Tethered' is a short Film about a lone cosmonaut who is left stranded on a baron and dead planet after his craft is forced to crash land.
His only companion is a droid named 'Node', a mute robot that ultimately teaches our hero the meaning of companionship and how the human spirit is universal. Film references for the visual 'feel' are films such as:
Silent Running

About the Filmmaker:

I am James Price a visual effects artist with many years experience in TV broadcast and feature film. I have already started on some preliminary designs for the willing candidate to use as a starting point.
Although this is a self funded short film, I am in the very fortunate position of getting a lot of favours for free from friends who also work in the film industry that have some very impressive film credits to their names.
I only mention this to help explain that this film will be made, and seen!

About the Work:

I am looking for an artist who would relish the task of designing the look of our set and planet locations. I already have a good visual starting point for the two main characters that I would love to have the deigns more fully formed. I would love for an artist who loves science fiction to really get a kick out of designing something that is a bit of a different slant on the genre.

If you are still reading and think that you might be interested in this collaboration, please respond with links to your work either to this thread, or email me direct at:

Many thanks