Book Cover Artist Wanted For Young Adult Fantasy
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Thread: Book Cover Artist Wanted For Young Adult Fantasy

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    Book Cover Artist Wanted For Young Adult Fantasy

    This job has been filled. I will not be accepting any more submissions. Thanks to all those who showed interest in the project.

    Description of Job
    I want a cover illustration for my novel; a young adult fantasy entitled Eon’s Door. I will consider various media, so long as the artist is able to communicate the concept of the book in a fashion that will entice readers (and make me happy). You can find information about the book on my website,

    I have an idea for the cover but it’s not etched in stone; you may come up with something better after learning more about the book from discussing it with me and looking at excerpts. Here’s what I’m thinking at this point:

    A boy is standing in a clearing in the forest, facing an ancient oak tree. There is a black-capped chickadee on the boy’s shoulder. The boy is frightened by the sight of two huge animals—an eagle and wolf—emerging from behind the tree.

    I’d prefer the cover have a kind of dark realism; something exotic and mysterious that will really draw in a twelve to fifteen year old kid scanning titles at the book store or library. I will provide the artist with specific details and descriptions, and defer to his/her judgment regarding content and layout.

    Show me why you’re the artist to do this cover and make me an offer. I will insist on a basic “Work for Hire Agreement" (full transfer of rights with permission for portfolio).

    2 to 3 weeks from the time the "Work For Hire Agreement" is signed. This is an approximation that depends on my book designer's readiness for the cover.

    How the Illustration is to be Used
    As stated above, this is a commission to create a book cover illustration. I will also be using the illustration for promotion purposes (website, posters, etc.). The illustration will be submitted to a professional book designer in my employ, before being published and distributed to retailers.

    Contact Information
    Send me a private message.

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