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    "Frazetta: Painting With Fire" Screening

    Our critically acclaimed Documentary entitled "Frazetta: Painting With Fire" will be screening at this year's Newport Beach Film Festival:

    Screening Info:

    Date: Friday, April 16
    Time: 1:45 pm
    Place: Edwards Island 6 cinemas in Newport Beach

    Frank Frazetta is a world renown and legendary fantasy artist whose art has graced the covers of Robert E. Howard's "Conan The Barbarian" paperbacks in the 1970's which helped sell millions of copies. His work has also appeared on Movie Posters, Album Covers, Comic Books, and Calendars.

    Frank’s art books have gone through multiple print runs and sold over a million copies worldwide, and his prints and posters have sold hundreds of thousands of copies.

    His work has touched thousands of fellow artists, musicians, and filmmakers, and his tremendous influence on pop culture can still be seen to this day in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. Some of the more famous admirers of his work who own original paintings are George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steven King, Francis Ford Coppola, Sylvester Stallone, and Charlton Heston.

    Attached at the bottom of this posting is a list of the press coverage we've received, a synopsis of the film, awards we've won, and snippets of critical praise we've received.

    To view the trailer and find out even more about this film, please visit:

    We're hoping for a good turnout, so please come if you can.


    Lance Laspina
    "Frazetta: Painting With Fire"


    Below are links to PDF files of the press coverage we've received thus far.

    A. Magazines

    ----We've either been featured or mentioned in these national magazines.

    • Forbes Magazine:

    • Comic Book Marketplace:

    • MacDirectory Magazine:

    * Comics Buyers Guide:

    • Heavy Metal Magazine:

    • Illustration Magazine:

    • Starlog's Fantasy World

    B. Newspapers

    • Los Angeles Times:

    • LA Weekly:

    • Willamette Week Review:

    C. Books

    • "ICON"
    ----The newly released paperback edition of this book makes note of our documentary.----

    D. Internet

    • Ain't It Cool News:

    • World Famous Comics

    • Locus Magazine Online:

    • POP Matters:

    • SciFi Dimensions:

    • Green Man Review:

    • Film Threat:

    • Inside Mac Radio

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++

    Short Synopsis:
    For the last half century, Frank Frazetta has dominated the art world with his images of fierce warriors, helpless princesses, and fantastical creatures set in the most lavish landscapes. His impact upon the worlds of Fantasy Art and Film has been unparalleled, and can be seen to this day in the “Lord of the Rings” Trilogy. Amazingly, he has managed to do this while having almost died due to an undiagnosed thyroid condition. Even more astonishing is his ability to survive 6 strokes, which has forced him to switch drawing hands from his right to his left.

    The film documents the life and work of this legendary fantasy artist while exploring the Universal theme of inspiration. Visual Effects and Sound Design bring his paintings to life, all accompanied by a breathtaking orchestral score.

    Painting With Fire tells of a fascinating life, the spark of an artist, and what Frazetta’s artwork means to future inspirations. Frank Frazetta is not just a pop phenomenon, but a creative artist destined for a serious place in art history.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++


    "This is the documentary to end all documentaries. As you sit there and listen to his childhood, the teenage friends... the gods of comic art, the E.C. years, the movie poster years, the Paper Backs... and the ascension to godhood, the strokes, the fighting back... It is such a great story."

    - Harry Knowles
    Ain't It Cool News

    "A splendid example of a documentary that makes full use of the rich potentials of the form."

    - Kevin Thomas
    Los Angeles Times

    ”This film teases you with just enough of the ìpower and dramaî that is Frazetta as to leave you begging for more. If youíve ever had an interest in fantasy art, or just great art in general, seek out Frazetta: Painting With Fire, an illuminating look at an extraordinary new world. Needless to say, for Frazetta devotees, the film is a must.”

    - Daniel Wible
    Film Threat

    'WOW! I loved it. A fascinating story about a great talent, told in a terrifically compelling and stylish film. I was a fan of his Conan work, but never knew he had such depth of talent, or such range of genres."

    - Ralph Garman
    KROQ Radio Los Angeles

    ”This documentary is very well-made and lavishes plenty of attention on dozens of Frazetta paintings - even "animating" some of them to achieve very clever scene transitions. I highly recommend Frazetta: Painting with Fire.”

    - John C. Snider
    SciFi Dimensions

    “Frazetta: Painting With Fire” is a captivating documentary on the life and art of one of the most
    remarkable illustrators of our time.”

    - Dan Zimmer
    Illustration Magazine

    “It’s more than simply an excellent biography of Frazetta; it’s a superb documentary by any standards. You should know that I think Frazetta: Painting With Fire is a great film, not just for Frazetta fans, but also for anyone who appreciates innovative, well-made cinema.”

    -Steve Ringgenberg
    Heavy Metal Magazine

    “The film is a full portrait of an artist with remarkable ability. It gives long overdue props to an artist whose influence reaches farther than most of his more "mainstream" contemporaries ever will.”

    - John G. Nettles
    POP Matters

    ”A fascinating journey through the backwaters of American comic book and movie-poster art.”

    - John Patterson
    LA Weekly

    "A handsomely produced documentary, Frazetta: Painting With Fire provides a generous, interesting journey through this powerful artist's life. Fans will love it."

    - Karen Haber
    Locus Magazine Online

    “It will appeal to people who've never heard of Frazetta or seen his art. Painting with Fire is, above all, a finely realized portrait of an interesting man.”

    - David Walker
    Willamette Week (Portland, Oregon)

    “This is a beautiful, moving piece of filmmaking. Technically, “Painting With Fire” is absolutely superb. The lighting, the sound, the music, and the editing are all exquisite. Both endearing and inspiring, this is a winner.”

    - Maria Nutick
    Green Man Review

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++

    “Frazetta: Painting With Fire”
    Screenings and Awards

    • April 2003 – Houston Worldfest (Houston, TX)
    Gold Remi for Best Documentary

    • May 2003 - Egyptian Theater (Hollywood, CA)

    • June 2003 - VideoTheater NYC (New York, NY)

    • July 2003 - Aurora Awards (Salt Lake City, UT)
    Winner – Best of Show: Documentary Biography

    • August 2003 - Dragon Con Film Festival (Atlanta, GA)
    Winner - Best Feature Documentary

    • August 2003 - Melbourne International Film Festival (Melbourne, Australia)

    • August 2003 - Huntington Beach Film Festival (Huntington Beach, CA)
    Winner - Best Documentary & Best Director

    • September 2003 - Festival of Fantastic Films (Manchester, England)
    Winner - Best Feature Documentary

    • September 2003 - Shockerfest (Modesto California)
    Honorable Mention: Best Picture

    • November 2003 - Oslo International Film Festival (Oslo, Norway)

    • December 2003 - Cinespace (Hollywood, CA)

    Upcoming Screenings

    • April 2004 – Newport Beach Film Festival (Newport Beach, CA)

    Additional Resources:

    Cinemachine Website:

    Frank Frazetta Website:

    Frazetta Imagery:

    "Frazetta Biography" links:

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    Damn shame it's in the middle of the day, or I'd try to drop by.
    "Every generation sees the past though the lens of its own time." - Thom Hartmann

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    Are there any plans for the DVD in the future?


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    Yes, we will definitely be releasing a DVD with a 2nd disc full of extra features.

    However, since we are still trying to negotiate a deal with several companies, we don't have a release date set but hope to soon.

    Thanks for your patience, and once we do come to an agreement and I have a pretty solid release date set, I'll be posting it on our website and in our newsletter.

    Thanks very much for your interest.

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