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Thread: Jesse learns to...

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    Lumens--thank you! Yeah, I was sort of reaching that conclusion with environments myself. I'll try to do longer ones.. @__@"

    Quick post this morning--some gestures I did with a focus on movement/character in which I feel they were somewhat successful, another Bargue about 3 hours in his nose is absolutely killing me and a WIP enviro still with the theme of cold.

    Thanks for looking!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lumens View Post
    Hello JesseM, thanks for the encouragement!
    Your portraits are very strong!

    As for the environments, i barely have any experience at all at doing these..
    perhaps a suggestion is to push your landscapes to tight finish because its seems you are doing speedpaintings alot ,
    wich is like simplefying subjects you allready know really well in a short timeframe. you can probably improve alot simply by spending more time on them.
    True. I'd also focus more on working from life and doing master studies instead of copying photos. You won't really learn much about design, composition or brushwork by doing that.

    Btw, that figure in #61 is very nice.

    "You might be disappointed if you fail, but you will be doomed if you don't try"
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    I love the lady study, really well executed. I'd agree with ismo above - there's no substitute for working from life. Good skills though, nonetheless.

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    Hi Jesse!

    Cool new studies. I agree with your thoughts on the environments, the depth gets a bit lost. The texture makes it look like the ground plane is vertical, instead of going back in space, because the details are equal. As for the skeleton study, nice work. One flaw though, now the spine is attached to the front of rib cage and pelvis instead of back. Awesome snowy mountains!

    Keep it up!
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    Your figure drawings are looking great. I love the style you're putting in them, especially the hands and feet.
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    jesse, you need to slow down a lot, and think more before you draw. most of your work of late seems to have not been very much thought through, you seem like you kinda just went for it. quality over quantity. if you want quantity, spend more time!

    i'm doing skeletons for anatomy today, saw your skeleton so i decided to paintover!
    hope you enjoy- i was teaching myself jsut as much as i'm teaching you ^_^
    Jesse learns to...
    [note: ulna is big at the elbow and small when it hits the pinky side of the carpal mass. whilst the radius is small at the elbow and big at the carpal mass]

    with all that said, your doing great! don't stop! alsoo with these enviros, you should stick with more simpler brushes rather than these textury ones, your overcomplicating things!
    keep it up jesse!
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    Alright, so I realize I'm very late here, but I just wanted to say I really enjoyed your comic on the last page.

    The rhythm is very good, and I find the timing is excellent. I think the spots you've chosen to have text without illustration are perfect.

    Page 2 could be better. I think I understand what you we're trying to do with the text going down and then up like that, but I don't really think it works. Especially since "Just wave your arm" is so close, I instantly read that after "I love how". I'm a little confused by page 4, but not so much that it really throws me off. I would've loved to see the artwork tightened up more, because even though I can appreciate the looseness, some panels are so loose my eyes just skip them, and then what's the point? I realize it's a sketch, I'm just saying you should "finish" it, because I think it could be a really strong piece of art.

    I like how it slowly introduces you to the character, then the second to last page suddenly explodes (I guess that's not a very apt word for the calm and introverted feel of it) and powerfully delivers its message, then the last page nicely takes it all back to the character, containing the 'explosion' so that the reader's mind isn't hurled off uncontrollably (and finishes on a humorous note, even).

    Very nice.
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    WOW I love your studies.
    =D wanna see more!
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    These are actually pretty damn brilliant (the contortionists) sp? But anyway...

    Slow down some and do some gestural / skeletal studies to understand the lines that you are putting down. Bridgeman would also do you well.

    I'll be watching

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    very nice stuff.. could you show a few process pics for your hair??
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    I like your studies a lot, and i realize how hard is to know theres a lot of things to learn and you wanna know them all right now, but enjoy then process ^^... Try and practice lots of gesture and learn how the skeleton works and muscles work, youll understand faster with this knowledge keep learning, never stop, never surrender XD
    Feel free to stop by My Sketchbook (harsh criticism extremely needed )


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    hey, nice stuff can't wait to see some more
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    great sb!! you have a great sense of color with skin, you paint it wonderfully!! keep doing those enviro studies and figure drawings, and of course try to understand the form from an anatomical point of view.

    you could improve the depth in your environments, what is further away from the camera fades away, no only in value but also in definition, objects farther away will be less defined and so they will have less detail and objects closer to camera will be more defined and detailed. Try using more defined and crisp edges to what is closer to camera , in the study of the desert, the cactus closer shood have the edges clearly defined and more crisp in comparison to one further away. try controlling your lines and edges it will add depth to your environment studies just my two cents lovely work i will keep on eye on your sketchbook ^^
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