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    winterfingers' sketchbook


    Hello, and welcome to my sketchbook! : ) My name is Heather, or some people just call me winter
    I started this sketchbook when I was 14 and I'm now 16.
    I'm not sure yet what job/career I'm aiming for, still figuring that one out.
    Any feedback is appreciated, especially constructive critique! I'm looking to improve and learn as much as I can

    Thanks for dropping by!

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    Two studies I did after the last post I feel they turned out poorly, but I figure I should post the bad practices too! Reference used for both. Painted in Photoshop.
    The first
    Attachment 1201667
    The second
    Attachment 1201672
    A personal piece from imagination. Also done in Photoshop.
    Attachment 1201678
    A watercolour and pencil crayon.
    Attachment 1201679
    Various digital practice/sketches
    Attachment 1201681
    Attachment 1201684

    A piece for fun from imagination.
    Attachment 1201686

    Any critique/observations/general comments are greatly appreciated!
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    I'm really liking the use of color in your work, it's really interesting how you keep changing your palette from one piece to another! I love that! the portraits 3 and 4 from imagination (in your second post) are really well done, they're pretty eye catchy.

    Also, would love to see the sketch of the one where a lot of water is flowing around the head of the girl, be turned out into a full rendered painting, i love the idea and the use of color.

    I think you're doing a great job! keep it up!

    You're 14 !!!??? ... forget what i said, you're doing amazing, freaking kids these days, i wish i would have started being more serious about art sooner!, amazing! please keep growing, you are really doing amazing
    Give my sketchbook a visit and tell me what you think n.n

    > S K E T C H B O O K <

    My gallery

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    All of it is awesome! I really like the style of your first piece and your watercolor of the girl with her hair going up. I agree with DHTenshi, your use of color is great.

    Keep going!

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    fourteen? FOURTEEN!?! Wow. I disagree, you're most definitely NOT at beginner level.

    Your painting style and use of color is just FANTASTIC. Everything is absolute eye candy. The only thing I'd say needs some work is your lips, they can be a little too narrow for your faces (the corners should line up with the pupils of the eye) and this might be a personal issue but the little dots of light or shadow on some of them can be sort of distracting.
    But that's just a little problem, and it's only in a few of your pictures.

    Welcome to CA, please keep posting this amazing work!
    sketchbook blog tumblr

    The key to getting better at anything is to do it a lot.

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    These are really wonderful. In the first study from life, your strokes are a little on the patchy side. The second study shows much better control, and conveys the planes of the face very nicely. Overall I really love how you handle skin tones, and your rich color pallets. Keep up the great work!

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    Posting on CA is most nerve-wracking ; v ;
    Thank you everyone who gave input it is very appreciated!

    DHTenshi: Thank you very much for the kind words and encouragement!
    The one concept you're referring to I do hope to paint a finished version of, thank you! c :
    fletcherv: Thank you so much for the encouragement!
    Vertical:Thank you very much! Ahh you're certainly right about making the lips too small, I see that now. Thank you so much for pointing that out, I'll have to work on that! o v o
    allytha:Thank you! Yes I agree about the first study ; u ; I had a lot of trouble with that one.
    Thank you for the input!

    Here's another batch of work
    Urgh, there's an apparent lack of practice works and sketches.
    Once my drum lessons are finished at the end of the month and I have more time I hope to start doing regular practices again, starting with figure drawing since that is a significant weakness of mine. Also starting out in acrylic now, I did a painting of some fruit I will post later. c:

    An emotional piece from imagination, photoshop, stylized.
    Attachment 1215207
    Ha ha;
    An orangutan, as requested by someone on dA. Reference used, photoshop.(I had a hard time with this)
    Attachment 1215208
    An acrylic painting, 10x14" canvas panel. From imagination, stylized
    Attachment 1215215
    A realistic study, Photoshop. Currently a work in progress. I am trying to recreate a picture of the actor Jesse Eisenberg. I love portraits, but have a great weakness when it comes to making the portrait LOOK like the person I'm drawing. I'm using the colour picker and getting the colours from the actual picture I'm referencing. So rather than a painting exercise it's more of a seeing exercise.
    It looks really REALLY ugly and rough right now, as well as I made a mistake at one point when saving the file, hopefully I can salvage it and keep going ha ha;;
    Attachment 1215217
    An exercise of painting a sketch three different ways. The first (the one with the blood) turned out very rough, I had a lot of trouble with it.
    Photoshop, from imagination, stylized
    Attachment 1215231
    Attachment 1215232
    Attachment 1215233
    Attachment 1215234
    A head doodle. Photoshop, stylized
    Attachment 1215235
    Some concept doodles, photoshop.
    Inspired by the bits of writing on the walls in a horror computer game, specifically
    'They left the blood lonely'
    Attachment 1215236
    A beginning sketch from a photo study of a boy
    with very fluffy hair.
    Attachment 1215238

    Any and all critique/comments are very welcome! C: Thank you for viewing my sketchbook!

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    Wow, amazing! Have you considered studying Loomis or Bridgman? They'd definately help you out

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    Very nice stuff. I love your style and use of colour
    My sketchbook


    "This is a paint and pixel-splattered furnace that forges the swords of artistic mastery. This is a place where swarthy and belligerent dwarves drink turpentine mead, berate their apprentices and slap the trade into their skulls. It's where the anvils are made of graphite, the hammers are as true as rectangular marquee selections and the fires burn with the light of a thousand lensflares." --Jason Rainville

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    TheFallenAngel: Thank you! Yes I have heard of Loomis, but not Bridgman. I am definitely checking both of them out, thank you so much! o v o
    wooden mango: Thank you so much! c:

    Two studies from life I did today. Done in Photoshop, I'm not sure how long the first one took, the second took 46 minutes.
    I hope to do more, drawing from life is actually quite fun! ; v ; (Although difficult;; )
    There was a light source to the left, my computer light near the right (the blue-ish light).
    The first
    Attachment 1218871
    The second
    Attachment 1218872

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    Great coloring. 14 years old and already this great. I don't even have photoshop or a tablet yet, I'm so far behind.
    My Sketchbook

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    I don't wonder what you are
    For by spectroscopic ken
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    excellent stuff, youre clearly working very hard. great colours!
    maybe try your skills on new things, like cars or more animals.. im sure youll be kickass at whatever you focus on
    definitely worth stars, keep it up!
    sb most art copied to page 1
    Weapons of Mass Creation 2011 ::: Add your favourites!
    skype: velocitykendall
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    I'm definitely repeating what's already been said but jees for 14 you really have a handle on digital painting already. I especially agree with your use of color, you have some very beautiful pieces no matter how many colors you use. My favorite is the image of the girl from the second post with 20 different colors in her hair . You manage to use so much color and have it work effectively at the same time. You even threw some textural elements in there! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work, it makes me want to experiment with color more.

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    I love your style, and you are good for your age, but your noses seem a little "same-nose".

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    Vay:Thank you!
    Velocity Kendall:Thank you so much! Yes I'm certainly going to start practicing drawing/painting animals, I've realized how rubbish I am at them; v ; And cars, I hadn't thought of that, I should probably draw some vehicles as well, thanks! o v o
    ArcZephyer: Thank you very much! ; v ;
    cannibalcarnivale:Thank you! That's true, looking through them all my cartoon-style noses look pretty much identical, oops. Thanks! : D

    practice painting, acrylic, still life
    My second time painting fruit. Seeing the proper colours is harder than I thought;
    Attachment 1228395
    Houses from reference, photoshop
    Attachment 1228397
    sewer sketch from reference, photoshop
    I feel this went really poorly, I had trouble with it.
    Backgrounds/scenery/architecture are high on my list of things to learn now.
    Attachment 1228398
    An acrylic painting on canvas. Apples and colour, I wanted it to be bright and cheery.
    Attachment 1228399
    From imagination, block doodling late at night (or rather early in the morning)
    Attachment 1228400
    Lion sketch from reference, photoshop
    Attachment 1228402
    Personal piece, and also part of a 100 theme/technique challenge: "2. Draw something with a stereotypically feminine theme or style. (Flowers, pastel colours, beautiful subjects?)"
    From imagination, photoshop.
    Attachment 1228405
    Personal piece pencil and photoshop.
    Attachment 1228403
    120 second sketches from observation, this website: which was in vertical's signature, thank you, it's most helpful! O V O
    Attachment 1228411

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