I am a nineteen year old artist. I love drawing in pencil mostly, and it is my dream to do concept art for video games. I would love to do some concept art for a free online flash game, something to give me experience for when I transfer schools and hopefully get a career in art. Let me know if you need a concept artist for any games you are developing, I would love to be a part of a team.

My newest drawing. Skull and seashell still life. All 2h and 2b pencil. I love photo-realism, it is my favorite style.

An older bag i drew in pencil

A statue of some guy I had to draw in art class

Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark, in pencil.

Older, Iron Maiden Hallowed Be Thy Name in pencil.

As far as designing goes, here is a demon I designed in 11th grade. Really old and not my best work, but I'll show it any way.

here is a concept car I designed, all prismacolor colored pencil. This is a few years old as well.