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    Mookii's Sketchy Sketchbook

    *Sigh* Where do I begin...? I love art, I'm severely depressed, and I seem to have forgotten how to draw. As in, I wasn't great before, but now I don't even seem to be able to get anything down on paper. I seem to be paralyzed.

    However, I don't mind posting a few things I worked on in my fall semester at my local community college. These are probably some of the more recent things I've drawn that I haven't felt completely ashamed of. Hopefully I can get back on the horse soon, but I seem to have some art block that is keeping me from drawing more than one line without feeling totally disgusted by what comes out of it.

    Most of what I do is out of imagination, but I thought I'd start out showing what I can do when drawing from life.

    I am trying to get used to constructive criticism, but I think it's hard because I'm already so self-critical. However, logically I know what you are saying is with good intent, so I hope you will help me try to ease into it a little.


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    Check out my sketchbook!

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    My Latest Work

    Here is my latest drawing. Started and finished in the same day. Drawn with varying grades of graphite pencil, and touched-up in photoshop (I had to get rid of some messy lines, and decided while I was at it I'd use the smudge tool a bit).

    Tell me what you think. I've changed my mind since the first post. Have at it with critiques. I'll live, and be better for it. :]

    *edit* I can't tell why the images aren't showing up when I upload them. Advice, anyone?
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    Check out my sketchbook!

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    Love the still life,u might want to check the bottle neck though :p

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