Hello fellow artists,

I sometime have the impression that most members of the community is formed of 2 main groups; the young aspiring artists with or without an Art education degree and the other one group formed of professional artists who already live their dreams of working within a field where they can exhude their passion in art from every beat of their body

Why making such observation? because if it is the case, I do not feel part of any of these 2 categories. Of course I love art and enjoy developping my skills and knowledge about it. However I ain't that young anymore (36 years old) and I do not have the priviledge either to fulfill a career in a creative environment...in fact, the closest daily duties that requires me to make use of my creative skills at my work place is when I am making colorful spreadsheets and graphs for my manager....

Therefore, I would be quite interested to find out if there are others like me...settled in one non-artistic profession/ career (for whatever reasons) but who discover later in their life that their true self is whithin Art.

So to all aspiring concept or comic artists, illustrator, painter, sculptor, etc....who occupy their day in professions which arent' that rewarding artsitically, make yourself known and tell me how you getting on with juggling between your professional, familial responsabilities and your passion for Art and may be desire to breakthrough. Are there any succesful stories out there? Someone who at the age of 35-40-45, changed their career, reverted to Art and became a succesful artist? And for you young aspiring artists or professionals, how do you regard this? What do you think of making such plans when being part of this age bracket, how would you tackle it?

I hope that I haven't protraited myself as big descriminatory p***k by categorising the members of the community. I fully believe that we can all learn from each other and I am so fortunate to be part of this community regarless our age, background and aspirations.

Cheers for your comments!