Hey folks,

I'm currently a 3D Artist working at a post-production studio doing visual effects for feature films in Toronto, Canada. The Visual Effects industry is not as creative as I thought it would be, because most of the time we're doing "fender" shots like animating tree branches, and flying bottles towards the camera kinda stuff. It's more technical base, and less creative.

I want to get involved in the more creative aspects of the movie making industry - like actually being able to influence the look & feel of the movie. I'd like to get involved in pre-production - taking a concept straight from the script, and putting it into visual context ... is there such a job title like that out there for me ??? Is that what an Art Directors or Creative Directors does ???

I'm good at 3D (both modelling and animation wise), and often use 3D proxy models to make character sketches, and concept designs. I believe I have the skills to be able to tell a story well. I'd like to work in an environment where it's not just straight working on the computer, but where creative individuals can come together, brainstorm different ideas collectively, and then take it to the computer.

If you industry professionals can shed some light on this subject, and where I can go from here - I'd much appreciate it. Thanks in advance. Denny.