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    Post your musical instruments

    There was a small thread in the Entertainment and Media section posted by Aether (I believe), but it didn't take off like it could have.

    Same idea as post your studio, except what you use to make music; guitars, pianos, trumpets, drums, turntables, spoons, PVC pipes, 5 gallon buckets, whatever. I feel as if a large percentage of us at least own an instrument, even if we're not exactly professional musicians.

    I hope this isn't a retarded idea for a thread, there's just been a few "post your...." threads and I figured this was something sort of universal.

    Ibanez jumbo electric acoustic, violin (unadorned with a brand ) and ESP LTD 7 string baritone.
    Post your musical instruments
    Obvious troll is obvious

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    I'll take some pictures of my basses, keyboards, guitars, and violin later.

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    Hoooo-ly shit, your acoustic is friggin' gorgeous, fat kid!

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    Nice collection dude! Sweet looking instruments.

    I'm definitely no pro but I like to twang away on the gat now and again. Manuel Rodriguez C3F flamenco guitar and yes it has been strung up lefty, found I picado much better with my left hand though my right hand is retarded as fuck doing chords. Needs a few years of practice before it feels natural.

    I've been trying to find a wood peg flamenco guitar for years but none ever show up locally here in NZ, and I can't be fcuked importing.
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    No pictures, but I've got 27 stringed children. Ha.

    My favorites are my '62 Gibson B-25 and my Custom Shop Les Pauls.

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