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    The hardware and software of digital drawing


    I just had a few questions for the folks here. I used to draw a few years ago, while I was nothing special, I've had this inkling lately to get back into it. Since I'm in a financially more comfortable position than I was then, I'm able to afford some toys that were previously unavailable to me.

    Toys or tools themselves don't make an artist, so I figured I'd ask. The display I'm working on is a HP ZR30w, 30" display with 30-bit color support (10 bits per red, green and blue.) Sounds fancy, but I never got into color theory so as I am now that feature is useless beyond a bullet item in the monitor's functionality list. I've been pondering whether I should bother getting a Cintiq. Mostly because it's pricey, and secondarily because I already have an Intuos 3 tablet. Coupled with the size of the display, the Intuos 3 tablet I have is a 6x8 model PTZ-630, set to have the four corners of the tablet correspond to the four corners of the display.

    Onto software, I'm using Autodesk SketchBook Pro 2011, are there any recommendations on software beyond this or for this program?

    In starting over, the questions I have seem to have put me in a deadlock, I'm not really sure where to begin (sure drawing itself would probably be a good place. )

    Without a goal the idea of 'getting back into drawing' might have difficulty getting beyond an idea.


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    Any software will probably suit as you're still 'getting back into it', but if money is no object most people here use Photoshop. I use PhotoPlus from Serid. There's also Art Rage, Gimp and loads of others. A tool is just that. Choose one that feels comfortable to you. There is always just pencil and paper, which is most peoples first choice.

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    Corel Painter is also very popular. But I agree with Black Spot. A tool is just a tool and what comes out of it mainly depends on the hands wielding it.
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    I like MyPaint, it's light and fast, and use a cheap-o Medion tablet from Aldi, because I'm in a financially uncomfortable position .

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    as for me i use just SAI for digital painting. unfortunately it has only one version yers ago..but still this is the best sketching program in the world for me)

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    mayb it just me..

    but to 'getting back into it', having such 'luxuries' probably (may) gonna dampen ur vibe before u can actually make more progress and go further on fr there.

    wat i'd learn is to always start small.. pencil n paper is the best, as there's no way u can [Ctrl +Z] ur mistakes away.
    then if it's/they're good enuff then u can bing it/them further into the computer n digitize it/them.
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