View Poll Results: Who truly is Golbin's Best Friend?

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  • emerging

    19 23.46%
  • drunken_drinker

    0 0%
  • fragoso

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  • GoodSoup

    7 8.64%
  • JanJager

    4 4.94%
  • Lane.

    12 14.81%
  • Eclectix

    2 2.47%
  • Chris Hershberger

    1 1.23%
  • GEB

    12 14.81%
  • metal_militant

    1 1.23%
  • porcupine

    2 2.47%
  • Ramitxon

    15 18.52%
  • Si_Swe

    1 1.23%
  • chriskot

    4 4.94%
  • NoobConcept

    1 1.23%
  • ghūl

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Thread: C.O.W. #206. Goblin's Best Friend - Voting!

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    C.O.W. #206. Goblin's Best Friend - Voting!


    Topic: Golbin's Best Friend.

    Single Vote (<20 entries)...

    Deadline for the voting: Wednesday Mar. 23rd, 2011

    Remember to show some love, thank the people who's entries you liked but couldn't vote for. Also, if you've got the time, please add some crits.
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    Artist: emerging

    Concept: Ruttcut Digger

    People's best friends are dogs... this is what i imagine a goblin's best friend pet to look like. This hairless creature spends most of it time underground. It's habitat as well as ability to be tamed and trained easily made it a popular pet in many goblins' underground homes.
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    Artist: drunken_drinker

    Concept: horned tentacle
    I want it to look a bit helpless and creepy. It's not a creature to be afraid of just grab it by the horns and place it where ever a goblin thinks it would be nice to look at.
    Maybe it's good as a mount as well... don't really know maybe ask a goblin ^^.
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    appreciate well-meant critique

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    Artist: Fragoso

    Concept: Gruli

    Here's my humble contribution.

    That's a especimen called Gruli, hope you like it!
    Description below.
    "I like criticism, but it must be my way."

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    Artist: GoodSoup

    Concept: Horgaxian pig

    These fragile and cute looking creatures are, in fact, extremely tough and resistant inhabitants of the swamp, where they spend most of their time in the water, scouring the bottom for plants and rests of dead animals; like living vacuum cleaners.
    It may result weird as of why Goblins choose these creatures as companions, but the reason is actually pretty obvious: they have a natural talent for finding strange objects in their habitat, such as sunken treasure (or "shinies"), which they can be trained to retrieve. While most of the times their findings are brought directly, smaller objects, like rings, can be swallowed, turning into what Goblins call "a lucky dropping".

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    Goblin's Best Friend

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    Artist: Lane.

    Concept: Noggin Hopper

    Noggin Hoppers are small frog-like creatures that love to dwell on the warm bald heads of goblins. When groups of goblins are together, the Noggin Hoppers will often jump from one head to the next. Goblins prize these creatures because they provide much needed company (the forest can get rather lonely while gathering herbs), and they eat the pesky insects that are attracted by a goblin's foul oder.

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    Artist: Eclectix

    Concept: Ghasthound

    Ghasthounds are all of the nastiest bits of rats, dogs, bats, moles, and cats wrapped in a grotesque package. Clever and resilient creatures, goblins have long valued them as companions for their ability to thrive in the same conditions that goblins thrive in. Ghasthounds have exceptional hearing, eyesight, and smell to assist them in the dark, dank places they call home, and they possess large front claws used for tunneling in the earth. Because these creatures are small and furtive, goblins have been known to train them to perform stealthy tasks such as tunneling into human camps to steal loot. Preferring to beg for scraps over hunting for food, they are not keen on combat and will usually flee when confronted rather than fight. When cornered, however, ghasthounds can be quite formidable.

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    Long Tongue Gorblepug

    Artist: Christopher Hershberger

    Concept: Long Tongue Gorblepug

    The Long Tongue Gorblepug is a goblin's best friend. The are about the size of a small dog and that makes them easy to control and ideal for travel. They are low maintenance, aside from excessive drooling. They are very loyal to their masters and can often be trained to do simple tasks, such as any a standard dog could learn. A notable feature is their tongue which on average is about twice as long as their head and will often drag on the ground. Gorblepugs will eat just about anything and can go for long periods of time with little water.

    C.O.W. #206. Goblin's Best Friend - Voting!
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    [*B]Artist: [*COLOR=White]GEB[/COLOR]

    Concept: [*COLOR=White]Worry Wart[/COLOR]

    The Worry Wart is about the size of a large cat, does it's best to look interested in your stories and will generally eat anything that you throw at it. It has become an increasingly popular pet within Goblin households over recent years. This is partly due to the enormous cost of keeping wargs (which are still the most desirable pet) and decreasing tunnel space as a result of overpopulation.

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    Name: metal_militant

    Title: Monkatoo

    The monkatoo is an avian primate that lives in tropical rainforests. It has increasingly become a favourite among goblins for its colourful ridge on its back that, though attractive, makes it an immensely tough pet to pet. Goblins find a certain morbid fascination with this fact. The monkatoo also bites creatures that it does not like/are not its master quite readily, allowing goblins to have their space to themselves.
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    Artist: porcupine

    Concept: Gnorglok

    The Gnorglok truly is a goblins best friend. It warms bed on cold nights, is big enough to hide behind when nasty orcs wants to beat goblin and always licks plate clean so that goblin no need to do the dishes!

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    Artist: Ramitxon

    Concept: Spike

    One of the really wonderful things in life is having a pet. In my case, as a bloodthirsty battle hardened tough goblin, my good old Spike is the perfect companion. He doesn’t mind that you have gone out to war for an hour or a whole week. He is immensely happy as soon as he sees you opening the door coming back from work. Maybe the battle had turned out badly, or perhaps the bloody Orks had changed their loyalties again, depriving you of your well deserved loot, or you have been unable to satisfy your thirst for blood. All that doesn’t matter for him. All he really wants is to have you by his side, a bowl full of meat and his skull to play. For me, happiness is just to relax after a good hard day’s work, resting your feet on his back while you read the newspaper.

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