My name is Casondra Logan, and I am a self taught digital painter, experienced but not limited to character design. I am interested in anything that results in a mutual transaction of goods.

My programs of choice are Photoshop CS 4 and Painter X. I have experimented with many styles and am comfortable with most. I am relatively open minded and I keep to deadlines. I also offer my employer the option to watch me draw live through skype or oovoo. I am open to critiques or additional ideas.

Payment methods must be mutually agreed upon before I begin working, sketches and works in progress will be sent as often as the employer would like.

I will list the most recent samples of my work, others will be found on my blogger or deviant art.

Email: CasondraLogan@gmail.com

Blogger Portfolio: http://casondraloganportfolio.blogspot.com/

Blogger Sketchbook: http://casondrassketchbook.blogspot.com/

DeviantArt: http://holdctrl.deviantart.com/