Sketchbook: Scarlett is back! - making games, the indie way
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Thread: Scarlett is back! - making games, the indie way

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    Scarlett is back! - making games, the indie way


    Mid 2010 just after I had left my job at a videogame company I was asked by 2 guys from local startup Launching Pad Games if I was keen to do a bit of contract work to help them finish up thier point and click/tap iphone adventure game - Scarlett and the Spark of Life.
    "just a few concept sketches" quickly turned into a RedBull fueled 4 days of redesigning and repainting the entire game!

    So the game was completed and released late last year on the app store - to critical acclaim - infact the sequel has been included in the top ten most anticipated games of 2011 and even got a nomination for a pocket gamer award in the adventure/RPG catagory (something none of us thought would happen!) so we are pretty damn stoked to hear that!

    So with this on our minds, we have just started on part two!
    This time I am on board from the get go as the Art Director/Concept Artist/Production Artist and Animator... or perhaps more suitably "the art guy".
    So the guys and I have decided that it might be a fun idea to have a real time "making of" type deal as we move through the production over the next couple of months, hence this new thread

    As we progress I will update on an almost daily basis to keep you all in on the action and hopefully inspire one or two people to get on board and support 3 dudes who against all sound advice are chasing the indie dream.

    you can follow the new production blog here

    and download part one of the series here

    so to start, here are just a few sketches/paintings from episode one - Scarlett and the Spark of Life.

    also at the end are a few snaps from today - the start of our moodboards. We are heading to a darker, more twisted visual style to reflect the progression of the story. Plus given that I have weeks instead of days I am aiming for a more cohesive aesthetic with the end result, we are going to push as hard as we can to make the best game we can
    keep an eye out for updates!


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    Loving it all, but it's really neat to see your reference space.

    Your environments/sense of perspective and colours are very strong.

    Please come take a look at my sketchbook!! Figure drawings, still lives and oil painting studies! Constructive criticism always welcome! New content added:
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