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Thread: IAMTHENIGHT! color me black. (Doodles, thoughts and grunge)

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    do much more ballpoint pen sketchs they are awesome, they have much more flow and they are much clear then pencil sketch !

    Eu adoro desenhar com caneta pq vc consegue regular melhor e flui mto bem. uma pena ser tudo foto, né acaba que não da pra ver tão bem as imagens!

    otimo sketchbook, mto bom ver brasileiro trabalhando duro
    (escrever meio a meio é melhor o/ )
    all the best and fine for u man!

    "What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing." Oscar Wilde

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    Sushy - Thanks Bro! im applying for colleges in general, ones with a drawing/painting program or illustration. most in the USA

    wasabi89 - hahah valeu man! vc ja sabe de tudo a gente se comunica mais por face

    Wheeljack18 - dude, thank you so much, thats so much help ! yeah i know what you mean by take more time on stuff. idk i just seem to lose intrest too fast, but i also think i would learn a lot if i took more time on stuff

    The Fez - haha ye man i have to use caution with that. the thing is, if i compare myself to people in my hs class i know i dont suck, but here i am in a comunity where people acctually do art and i know my level is not close to what it is around here. ive though alot if im good or not. the conclusion that ive came to is that it doesnt reallt matter. my though process was first analysing what i think of my work. i dont think i have absolutely any artistic specialty or inteligence, but my overall inteligence allows me to draw ok at least. so if i dont have talent all i got to do is work hard. but in the end it doesnt really matter if im good because i enjoy doing this and it is about 30X better than having a office job. and on the marking the wrong ones, i sort of like to remeber myself that thats a mistake so when i look at the page i can see sort of how im doing, and if i go back to see what i need to fix, they will be already marked plus it helps releasing a little anger from frustration

    ven- - thanks man! ill do my best to keep at it (though i fail this last few days)

    patram - haha thanks man! i think we have to keep stuff funny and entrentaining! but dont put yourself down in a bad way, only in a way that motivates you to do more and improve!

    PieMonster - WAAaAaaAaaAA thanks so much man for stopping by! yes i know that for some time i completely stopped doing stuff from imagination, and then only later i realized i wasnt learning! but maybe im still not doing enough imagination stuff? idk i usualy force myself to altern bettwen study and imagination. one piece each. thanks bro!

    Fernteixeira - hahaha valeu maaan! aqueles sao de finelinar, nao de ballpoint. eh eu tampem sinto, e tem sempre que pensar mais entao vc economiza linha e fica mais limpo, mas ai geralmente as proporcoes fodem um pouco o engracado eh que comforme eu vo fazendo eles minhas linhas ficampiores hahahha tipo da esquerda pra direita foi piorando, acho que eu perco a concentracao muito rapido abraco!

    I fail!
    getting in to college is such a complicated thing. i have to put so much time in it! but finaly the tests are over! now only to finish the applycations!
    but thats not an excuse to have slacked so much!! fuuuu i need to learn to be more productive
    so veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery little was produced these days :'(
    fuuuu. one day im gonna be a perfect man and be able to focus only on art!

    anyway. idk if i forgot to say something....

    oh ya, idk i feel like i switch styles super fast! and its not contiounsly .
    anyway... im trying diferent appproaches here, instead of doing line work and then painting im straight painting. wich i like better because it flows more and im never like "what should i do next? im lost" but at the same time its still to dificult to do proportions and placement and colors and value and stuff. so its coming out crap. SURPRISE. hahah


    IAMTHENIGHT! color me black. (Doodles, thoughts and grunge)
    IAMTHENIGHT! color me black. (Doodles, thoughts and grunge)

    IAMTHENIGHT! color me black. (Doodles, thoughts and grunge)
    IAMTHENIGHT! color me black. (Doodles, thoughts and grunge)
    pshhh why do i alwas finish stuff and im like, its ok. then i look at it this moring at it just sucks caveman balls? yeah.. its how i feel with that last one
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    idk where my productivity went today. i guess its taking a long trip somewhere

    mostly doodles today. idk....
    idk if it counts as "imagination work" . i mean, its from imagination, but its not proper work. but its what i feel like doing. i acctually love to doodle. its probably the reason why i draw. (and im not gonna lie, a few of them are older. shame on me.)
    IAMTHENIGHT! color me black. (Doodles, thoughts and grunge)IAMTHENIGHT! color me black. (Doodles, thoughts and grunge)
    IAMTHENIGHT! color me black. (Doodles, thoughts and grunge)IAMTHENIGHT! color me black. (Doodles, thoughts and grunge)
    IAMTHENIGHT! color me black. (Doodles, thoughts and grunge)IAMTHENIGHT! color me black. (Doodles, thoughts and grunge)
    IAMTHENIGHT! color me black. (Doodles, thoughts and grunge)

    warm ups. i feel like they are a step back acctually. dont dont look like anything, just blobs of random colors
    IAMTHENIGHT! color me black. (Doodles, thoughts and grunge)IAMTHENIGHT! color me black. (Doodles, thoughts and grunge)

    legs. a little from books, the rest is imagination.
    IAMTHENIGHT! color me black. (Doodles, thoughts and grunge)

    and then theres this shitty studie again.
    idk im still confused. this work flow is really fun to do, i just start with a big round soft brsh and lay down basic colors, and then start to refine with a smaller harder brush. but the proble is the lack os the undelying structure. so it usually comes out bad(and speccially on this one that i got even the colors wrong). but if i do the line and structure to then go to painting and refined is a more static process and i usually have to plan how far i want to go with the piece, but most of the time i either get bored, but its not to the point where i planned so it looks really bad. or i want to go further than i planned, and then i dont know the next step
    IAMTHENIGHT! color me black. (Doodles, thoughts and grunge)
    Last edited by Aragah; December 21st, 2011 at 08:34 PM.
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    Keep up the practice man, the legs are looking very good =) Merry Christmas =)
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    Ta comecando a aparecer uns values interessantes!
    E esses doodles ai tao bem divertidos! Parece que vc ta curtindo oque ta fazendo!
    Eh isso ai, bom mix de estudos

    lets goo buddy =)
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    Hey man, thanks for the kind comment, your improvment is really bacon(now i have to paint much more T_____T)
    I like your traditionals especially your figures. The only tip I can give you is to experiment with different brushes(non to fancy) just different "basic" brushes. ^^
    And remember...

    keep up the good work and stay bacon.

    If anybody knows or have the contact stuff to the most wonderfull singer in the known universe please give her this... plxOr
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    Hot, your studies are looking great, especially the pencils!


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    5 stars! Merry christmas! *****

    If you can read this, I gave you 5 stars
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    Kungfoowiz - thanks man! merry christmas

    wasabi89 - haha valeu man,a cho que to gostando sim. eh o que sempre me divertiu, ficar rabiscando a carteira do colegio

    Baconstrap - hah thanks man! yeah about those brushed im in doubt, i think i need to learn to use like texture and diferent ones, just for the sake of learning, but i think just a round one is what makes it fun, you really have to draw the stuff, theres no cheating, plus its really fun and i like the looks.
    btw, i imagine your a fan o epicmealtime right?

    ven- - thanks man! merry christmas

    Dark_Eyes -whoooo thanks bro! that was a nice gift. happy holidays!

    so alright. not much drawing was done these days.
    i didnt punished myself for it, i guess i was sort of expecting it.

    but a lot of thinking was done!

    i talked a lot to my dad. hes a violin player and song writer. and its funny because we really think alike. and even tho our "art" is way diferent we acctually have the same conclusions. like idk, its too much stuff to put in words. but what people have been teling me here about more personal work has been reallygetting into my mind, because i though i was doing more of it, but aparentle its still not enough. and my dad was telling me the same thing, how our onw work is very VERY important.

    so i was thinking here. my taste in music for example.
    i dont have a proper education in music(although i had classes) because i never got hooked into learning it like i did with drawing.
    but the funny thing is my favorite musicians are bands like nirvana or alice in chains. which are special and awesome for their uniqueness and style, rather then their technique or knowlegde.

    i think when i started studying i forgot the the FEELING is more important than the TECHNIQUE.

    but i got no clue what my feeling is.
    i only know what i like.
    i like grunge(nirvana, aic, pearl jam, and others)
    i like how "hipsters" dress, how skater dress or (lords of dogtown is a sweet movie)or "grunge guys" tho i dress nothing like it.
    i love the "fisheye" camera effect. the GOPRO camare is great if you havent seen those videos.
    i love really action scenes. scenes that tell a story.
    i freking love movies and screen playin general.
    and a lot more stuff that would.

    now all i got to do is find out how i can incorporate all this stuff into my art, to create something my own.

    back on the feeling thing. i think feeling is important. but i think i sort of ignored it because i really dont like abstract stuff or things like picasso. i just realy dont care for that, i would never do that type of art. so maybe for and aversion for that kind of art, which seems the only kind that show up in expos around here, i created the sense that i had to control the "feeling"

    anywas, idk if any of that made sense, when i get back ill read it again and see if it does.

    heres some cool stuff for you guys

    cool art, awesome sbject and great music


    ill be back after new years eve

    and here not to let you guys with nothing.
    the entry for TDS on our group
    yeah its hitler. i though a lot about doing it or not. but for me hes a really strong figure. and he should mean at least something for everyone in the world. hes scary but mighty.
    IAMTHENIGHT! color me black. (Doodles, thoughts and grunge)
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    Nice Hitler drawing. I almost
    forgot about him. Now I will have
    to watch some WWII movie.
    Marry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    [last update; 9th February 2015]

    ...looking for a freelance work...
    In search for a Freelance work
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    I'm glad you did your entry for the theme we set, looks great, specially the clean lines.
    Please, check my SKETCHBOOK and leave feedback. I want to improve!
    "Little by little, one travels far."
    - J. R. R. Tolkien
    Don't forget to check their sketchbooks as well:
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    Dude, this shit is craaaaaaaay~

    I am inspired like nobody's business. Your improvement since march is phenomenal! Keep going, keep going! I'm rooting for you
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    LtPlissken - hah thanks man! i hope you enjoyed your holidays

    ChisLu - haha vlw

    Kuddlekins - whaaaaaaa??? thanks for making my day!!!! i really wish i had stuff to post today , but dont worry ill keep going!

    so you guys can completely ingnore this post and skip over it. its not very intresting.

    to start things off i think there are 3 main reasons for me to be here

    feed back (duh)
    contacts, not only for work(which i dont have) but also for friends, i feel pretty isolated in art
    and to keep track of my "journey"

    so today it is about the last one, but in a diferent way.
    as i usualy put here my drawings today im gonna put here my toughts.
    theyve become more and more important on those last days(as you can see from last post)

    i guess the best way to explain it is that im writing this for myself, as a journal.

    idk where to start now.
    ive been doing a lot of sketches these days. since i have no ways of studying or anything. ive found of that my lines and styles that used to jump wildlig from place to place are acctually pretty close together. the diference i think is in the speed. pretty much my line work, on days that i am frustrated or upset, i try to draw fast, sometimes it comes out only scribles(tho i enjoy doing them) orthers its a very americancomic book like.
    the way that i really enjoy and i think it comes out best is when i scrible, but with patience.
    the effect is that are a lot of extra lines, but everything looks pretty organic, and its REALLY enjoyable doing. but since im slowing down its more clean and not so many anatomycal and proportional mistakes are made.
    there are a couple other line styles, but none i enjoy much.
    i really dont like when my work gets like superhero comics. i mean, its not bad, but its just too overused. but its hard because i like to read comics but i think i get too much influenced by them.
    but the other day i bought this one, X-Force, its really good and the artist, Gabrielle Dell'otto is great! its like comic but with like a paint style, not that overused line! it just looks so great.
    besides that im figuring out that i have to visualise stuff before putting the pencil down. which is hard for me because what i think i really like in drawing is making marks, not much importance is usualy gven to the subject. but the results look way better when i do.
    ive been reading the book Art and Fear, by idont remeber who.
    its pretty cool. but theres some stuff that i dont like.
    first of all it maybe stupid of me, but i really dont like people who fantasize to much at art, like its something spiritual and blah blah blah. maybe i just drawing because i figured out i could because of the internet.
    because sincerely, drawing i just fucking enjoy doing it. there is no magic to it, theres no "lights coming down on my head" as i draw, its just like playing videogames for me. i like it.
    at the same time it makes me sort of sad, because i know that if my life wasnt confortable enough, if i had some sort of struggle, i probably wouldnt do art.
    anyways, back to the book. i think that it helped me with some stuff. like figuring out that there is a diferent between looking at art and doing art. and im realizing i value diferent things when im a expectator.
    like to look out for artist "dead spots"
    like not being affraid to do your work and call it work.

    lol i think this is it for now.

    ill post the "hollidays sketches" next post.
    (ill be back the 9th)

    - edit -

    oh right i remebered the other thing. i got demon souls the other day YAY
    awesome game, freeaking hard. ive played only about 3-4 hours yet, but man ive dyed so many times.
    i feell like its like drawing, hitting my head agaisnt the wall until you learn it and can do it right with no mistakes.
    maybe i like to punish myself or something.
    anyways, the point im trying to make is.
    while i was doing something else, im like "aw man think of this and this and that thing that you could draw, in that and that position , with those wepoen, this demonsouls fanart"
    i have a whole bunch of ideas, most of them pretty solid.
    but when i sit and look at the blank page, my mind goes completely blank.]
    its not like i cant recall what i had imagined earlier, its that i cant recall having imagined anything earlier.
    i usualy have to sit and think, what was i thinkthing of drawing early this morning. then ill recall like, oh demon souls fanart.
    and only then i go on to imagine a scene or a character to draw.
    but half of the time i forgot to "remeber" what i tough earlier, and im not too much of a spontanious think on the spot guy.
    then what i really enjoy is the process i think. but if it does have a good idea when i look at it after it doest look good and i get anoyed.
    when i have an idea the process is still awesome. but the afterward rocks too because i look at it and its not bad, and i feel pretty good then.
    anyways, i just think i have to try diferent stuff and work my way around it.
    it isnt like an impassable wall, i think im getting closer and closer to pass it.
    but it is something that i feel like a guy who was "made" to draw or a genius would never think about.
    but at the same time it doesnt really make a diferrence, i think i can get there by hard work and thinking my way out of problems.
    i only envy their easyness. but i have to be confident that ill get there!
    Last edited by Aragah; January 15th, 2012 at 09:24 PM.
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