IMPORTANT: THIS IS NOT A PAID JOB! The game itself is a 2D sprite game, NOT 3D! Old school style... This is more of a project for artists to work on for fun, but seriously also.

Another note, it would great if you were in or around Portland, Oregon, but its not required since many of the members of the team live in other parts of the country/world.

What we're looking for are artists who like to draw conceptual characters/monsters/locations AND sprite artists as well (since it is a 2D game, like Final Fantasy 1-6).

The look and feel of the game are more along the lines of anime-style art (at least for humanoid characters), but is also not limited to anime.

So, if you have an interest in working with a small group of other people on this production, please respond here (which will notify me) or directly email me at

Hope to hear from you!