Sketchbook: Krystar's "stop suckin'!" Sketchbook!
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Thread: Krystar's "stop suckin'!" Sketchbook!

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    Krystar's "stop suckin'!" Sketchbook!

    Hello CA!

    My name is Ian Osborne, I'm 27 years old, live in Virginia, and have lurked around this site off and on for several years. I've recently made a few changes in my life and have finished my core curriculum in school. I start working towards a BFA in Studio Art hopefully this fall but it has been so long since I have drawn or painted that I have very little, if any confidence in my ability.

    I am still attempting to determine if I want to focus on 3d modeling or with illustration or concept art in general, regardless a solid foundation in the basics is mandatory and I've been drawing/reading or studying for art least 8-12 hours a day, however I'm not doing nearly enough, I'm slowly trying to work my way to about 16 hours a day but its so easy to get distracted! I'll try to update this every day. I have a massive pile of sketches but I won't burden your eyes with those!

    This sketchbook is here to change that! The only path to success and to overcome failure and or complacency is through sheer determination, considering I don't think I have too much in the way of talent and have thrown away enough years of my life doing little to nothing I cant think of something more motivational.

    My overall goal for the end of the year is to have a fairly competent grasp of figure drawing from imagination and reference, a working knowledge of anatomy, more confident linework, and a basic foundation for understanding perspective, form, light and shadow.

    Any comments/criticisms or questions are greatly welcomed, although I usually beat myself up and agonize over my countless mistakes!

    DAY 1 - FEB 24

    This is actually mostly work from yesterday but I'll update it later tonight with today's sketches. Scanner tends to scan a little light and I cant really find the time to load and re-level each scan

    • These are posemaniac poses (which I do daily)
    • Stuff from Hogarth's Dynamic Figure Drawing
    • Random stuff from life
    • Photoref stuff
    • Vanderpoel plate studies

    My first digital painting. I had some color calibration issues and couldn't get the shadow quite right although i spent nearly half the time on the shadows!
    This was done from photo ref, not from life, bad form, I know!

    Today I'm gonna hit up Bridgman and Peck most likely. My heads, hands, and feet are awful so I need to integrate that into my daily drawings. Also got a nice setup with mirrors for some life drawing.

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