What do you do besides art?
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Thread: What do you do besides art?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dpaint View Post
    How can anyone ever get bored with art. I don't have enough time to do all the art I want to do. The only time I am away from thinking art related thoughts is when my responibilities pry me away at the threat of jail for not paying bills or taxes. I'm serious, even on here it is about the art.
    Really? Non stop art? You never get dragged bowling by your friends or really want to go on a fishing trip or something? Man, I think about art a lot, but I do get bored of doing the same thing for too long. I spent the last week really pushing myself to improve and trying new things, and it's exhausting. I get chucked out of the studio at midnight, and am back there again before 9am but some days I dont really want to be. I enjoy it while I'm working on something, and I know it will help me improve, but I would rather be elsewhere for a while, I wish I had your drive. I wonder if I can change that, perhaps it's just frustration?

    Quote Originally Posted by FourTonMantis View Post
    I also really love Oblivion and have been getting back into it to gear up for Skyrim...man November is going to be a challenging month artwise.
    Yeah, me too. Gonna finish the Mages Guild quest tonight, it's my first full evening off in over a month. Though now I am shocked at the faces, rather than impressed and bemused like the first time I played. Still love the grass and flowers though.

    Quite a few people like cooking! I only know one other person that actually enjoys that in real life, weird. See, I knew you guys were interested in other things besides drawing all day, you don't spend you whole lives cooped up indoors with naught but an easel. Though now I want to go learn some of the things listed rather than go back to drawing at the studio, oops.

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