What Do You Think of Abstract Art?
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Thread: What Do You Think of Abstract Art?

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    What art is and what makes for good or bad art has never been universally established and will never be determined as long as there is freedom of thought and expression.

    Art by definition denotes "A superior skill." But who or what determines what is "superior?" Is "superior" subjectively subject to any one generation's view of "superior?" Is art not relative?

    If good art is determined objectively by a certain generation, than where are the examples by which all art of all time is measured/judged? What generation is that authority and who of that generation is the supreme authority who determined these examples?

    When someone (or group) says a certain work of art is good or bad, that person is saying that he (and maybe his group) are the ultimate and finale authority for that particular art form for all time. I say this thinking is the ultimate in egotistic hogwash. For some reason certain "knowledgeable" art critics come to mind here.

    I love art and most artists I've met. But art is filled with so much baloney today it's beyond belief.

    Do what you feel you must do. Those who like it will reward you and those who don't--don't matter.

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