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    I got a few questions about motion graphics

    First, what are some affordable colleges that offer motion graphics? I am looking for tuition and board ,combined, to be in a price range of $15,000 to $20,000. Second, what are all the jobs apart of it? Does match moving have anything to do with motion graphics? Third, what are some books that are about motion graphics? Last, is the industry culturally diverse? I am just curious.

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    i say fuck college. just do tutorials online, learn the programs and just do it. get good with photoshop, illustrator, aftereffects, and cinema 4d. study design, and if you suck at design? you better make DAMN sure that youre a badass animator. if you cant design what will save your life in the motion graphics world is having the ability to take someone elses designs and animate them no matter what they have in them. 3d, 2d, 2 1/2 d, footage, tracking, keying, etc.

    i believe match moving has more to do with the shooting of footage. i've never really had to deal with it personally and i've been doing motion graphics for over 10 years. but to answer your question, it really depends on what you're good at. I'm more of a designer/animator. so my strengths lie in designing shit, and then animating it in aftereffects. i'm pretty good with C4d now and sometimes do projects in that. but i know guys who are so good at design that thats all they do. they never animate anything. i also know guys who cant design worth a shit, but they can sure animate the fuck out of any design you put in front of their face. sooo yeah, capatalize on what you're good at. be a fucking rockstar at the thing you enjoy most. and in time you'll become a more well rounded designer animator. i'm currently at a level where i can do pretty much anything.

    books... books get outdated so fast... i wouldn't do the book thing. if i were you i would hit up sites that have tutorials and do those. has some tutorials that'll teach you the basics of whatever program you want. when you feel a bit more comfortable with the programs involved you can move on to the more in depth tutorials like theones on gomedia or greyscalegorilla.

    yes. very diverse.
    and they dont give a flying fuck if you have a degree. thats why i say fuck college, dont waste your money. no college is going to be up to date enough for motion graphics. not unless you're plopping down 3times the range you stated above. seriously, i say if you want to get into motion graphics; do tutorials online. learn your shit. put together a demo reel and move to LA because LA is the motion graphics mecca of the world.

    if you cant handle doing the tutorials on your own, learning the programs on your own, if you need someone to hold your hand and teach you how to work aftereffects, 3d, photoshop, illustrator, bouju, and how to implemnet them in to one cohesive project, if you dont have the drive and determination to learn these things on your own then you will not survive in this industry.

    good luck man, i hope you got it.

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