My slowing down on the value studies in the past few days:

have also been due to boredom, and the feeling that I was not learning as fast as I had been in the first few days.

But this may be a good thing! Boredom = not enough challenge. The mental space I have created for myself, because I am not focusing on the basics anymore, can be used for much more than boredom. I just need to be more aware of the opportunities.

Opportunities like:

- Robert AK Brown's advice: develop my use of edges. Vary them, become comfortable with the terms 'soft', 'firm', 'hard' edge and use them effectively.

- Tweak values a little. I don't need to copy 100% correctly unless my aim is specifically, to copy life exactly as it is. The rest of the time, I can interpret!

- Try things out. See which techniques create which effects. Emphasize elements, make others recede.

So boredom is not necessarily a bad thing. It's just a sign that I have reached a plateau, and that I need to consciously change something in my way of working, to acknowledge my new comfort zone and push past it.

Value Study
Day 19

Pomodoro Observation
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