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  • emerging

    10 12.99%
  • PMaz

    3 3.90%
  • Lane.

    59 76.62%
  • Chate Noire

    7 9.09%
  • Xezor1324

    9 11.69%
  • phlux

    1 1.30%
  • SouMeng

    37 48.05%
  • Misplacedhippos

    1 1.30%
  • Urotskidoji

    3 3.90%
  • skoenig

    0 0%
  • smuli

    2 2.60%
  • Emokun

    5 6.49%
  • JanJager

    24 31.17%
  • JeiWo

    0 0%
  • JKennard

    2 2.60%
  • Kir Nuyts

    3 3.90%
  • +oas+

    3 3.90%
  • DannenArt

    7 9.09%
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    Rnd 157: LARGE WATER-FILLED KNOTHOLE POOLS IN... (Winner: Lane.)

    Rnd 157: LARGE WATER-FILLED KNOTHOLE POOLS IN... (Winner: Lane.)

    This round is presented by Lord and Caretaker of the DSG, William B. Hand!


    The idea here is that this sweeping, rolling landscape is formed not of rock and dirt, but of some ginormous ancient tree-like lifeform whose growth has been horizontally oriented, and has covered the original landscape like a skin. We might see vertical extensions of some sort off in the hazy distance, and maybe some nubby knots that rise above the surface, but dominating our attention are these lovely ponds created by these scattered irregularities. The general mood should be magical and lyrical.

    Of course, there might be some little fishes or bugs flitting in and around our semi-permanent pools, and maybe the small figure of an explorer or two just to suggest the scale.


    Please vote for your personal favourite artwork from this round. Remember that your vote should reflect an equal weight of aesthetic impact, adherance to the brief, and idea development. Help strengthen the activity by leaving criticism for the artist you vote for, and for any other artworks you can manage! It's appreciated as some artists may want to polish their entries and use them for their own portfolios or for other personal or professional uses.



    Rnd 157: LARGE WATER-FILLED KNOTHOLE POOLS IN... (Winner: Lane.)


    Rnd 157: LARGE WATER-FILLED KNOTHOLE POOLS IN... (Winner: Lane.)


    Rnd 157: LARGE WATER-FILLED KNOTHOLE POOLS IN... (Winner: Lane.)

    Chate Noire

    Rnd 157: LARGE WATER-FILLED KNOTHOLE POOLS IN... (Winner: Lane.)


    Rnd 157: LARGE WATER-FILLED KNOTHOLE POOLS IN... (Winner: Lane.)


    Rnd 157: LARGE WATER-FILLED KNOTHOLE POOLS IN... (Winner: Lane.)


    Rnd 157: LARGE WATER-FILLED KNOTHOLE POOLS IN... (Winner: Lane.)


    Rnd 157: LARGE WATER-FILLED KNOTHOLE POOLS IN... (Winner: Lane.)


    Rnd 157: LARGE WATER-FILLED KNOTHOLE POOLS IN... (Winner: Lane.)


    Rnd 157: LARGE WATER-FILLED KNOTHOLE POOLS IN... (Winner: Lane.)


    Rnd 157: LARGE WATER-FILLED KNOTHOLE POOLS IN... (Winner: Lane.)


    Rnd 157: LARGE WATER-FILLED KNOTHOLE POOLS IN... (Winner: Lane.)


    Rnd 157: LARGE WATER-FILLED KNOTHOLE POOLS IN... (Winner: Lane.)


    Rnd 157: LARGE WATER-FILLED KNOTHOLE POOLS IN... (Winner: Lane.)


    Rnd 157: LARGE WATER-FILLED KNOTHOLE POOLS IN... (Winner: Lane.)

    Kir Nuyts

    Rnd 157: LARGE WATER-FILLED KNOTHOLE POOLS IN... (Winner: Lane.)


    Rnd 157: LARGE WATER-FILLED KNOTHOLE POOLS IN... (Winner: Lane.)


    Rnd 157: LARGE WATER-FILLED KNOTHOLE POOLS IN... (Winner: Lane.)

    **Your votes will be public***

    Fantastic round folks!
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    Join us for the EOW..

    New World Creation: Designers Wanted – Environment of the Week

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    Holy christ!!! this round's been FULL of beautiful entries! you guys did such a wonderfull job!

    Voted for Lane and SouMeng, breathtaking pieces.

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    Voted for Lane.

    Awesome entries, everyone!

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    There were so many good entries! I wanted to give everyone some feedback because there is so much nice stuff here

    Emerging: Nice work dude I like the motion, and texture you painted into the tree bark and water. The little creatures are cool too and add more story and life to the image. The color variety is nice, I think it might be a little too segregated? though. There’s like a yellow area, a purple area and and blue-green area, with the tree trunks all being in a similar color tone, I think maybe the colors could’ve blended together further? Some of the wispy grasses look a little flat the way they seem like they are just painted directly over parts of the image.

    Pmaz: I like the direction you were going with the soft, kinda water-colored look overall. The image seems a bit flat as the foreground is really light and the midground, with all the tree branches, is so dominant, it seems to pull forward in the image. I think the midground was painted a little too evenly, as there could be more atmosphere there I think, to push it back and tie it into the image more. I think it’s a good start but could use a little more love.

    Lane: Damn, this one really stands out! Beautiful painting man You put some love into this. I like the little animals you put throughout the image, there is so much to look at. The composition is really great, your eye gets drawn in along the paths of the trees and travels into the image. I like the painterly brush strokes a lot too, It has that feel of a traditional painting. There’s so much depth, motion and texture here, you can look at the image for a while. You really hit the concept brief too. Really great painting!

    Chate Noire: I like the colors and the style of this! I think the perspective is a little confusing, as the leafy shapes in the foreground probably need to be darker to establish them more, its kinda hard for me to tell how far back the leaves behind them go, are they really close or further away? I think the perspective and depth of the image needs to be a little stronger as it flattens out a bit. I really like the colors and originality though!

    Xezor: Nice composition, I like the motion and organic shapes The textures or the grassy/mossy stuff is nice too. I think that your tree leaves are a little too blocky and would look better if they had been rendered or cleaned up a little more to match everything else in the image. They get pretty blocky in places. The light streaks in the sky on the right side look odd to me, maybe because everything else is more textured and has a wavier, undulating motion and the sky there doesn’t match? This is really nice overall, well done!

    Phlux: This looks a little unfinished. I think you should block out your shapes and values more strongly first before putting much detail in. The really crisp edges/lighting doesn’t look right, it draws your eye in, but where to focus? The shapes in the foreground look like they are pasted/floating on the background, really flattens the image. They should be more tied into your painting, it seems like everything is a separate element, not really connected. I think more consistent lighting and keeping everything a little looser and painted to a more consistent level of finish would help.

    SouMeng: I like the colors and lighting in your painting. You have a nice composition because everything seems to lead your eye into the direction of the big tree, which is painted nicely and blends into the image enough to make it look like there is a lot of distance between it and the foreground. I like the way the tree-tendril thingy in the foreground pulls you into the image, along with the character. One thing that bugs me is the cloud in the upper left. It seems to have a very solid, kinda flat, submarine shape. It doesn’t look right to me and is a little distracting, it looks like a foreground object protruding into the image, and not a cloud up in the sky. Also, the tree root shapes in the distance are a little too repetitive I think. I really like how you painted the big trees, the feeling of distance is very nice here

    Misplacedhippos: I think more established lighting and values would’ve helped here. What does it look like in black & white? Also, because the color and values are so balanced across the image, there isn’t a very strong focal point, my eye doesn’t really have a path through the image, but bounces around looking for something to draw me in. The colors could use more variety, here you’ve got just a few tones that seem to repeat through the image, making it flatter and weakening the focus. I think if you painted some lighting on top of this it could go a long way.

    Urötskidoji: This is a neat design. I like the strong, dominant shape of the tree in your image. Little details like the birds are interesting too. I think your composition could use a little work, for one, there’s a tangent at the top of the image, how the tree butts up right against the frame, which makes the image look flatter, if you could’ve moved the frame down a bit more so it didn’t hit the edge of the tree (or bring it up) that would’ve helped. Also the shot is very straight on, I think a little more perspective would make the image appear more massive and dimensional. Would’ve liked to see how this would look if you took it to the next level of polish.

    Skoenig: I like the motion and framing of the character in your composition. I think it would help to establish the foreground more, using value more to push your perspective into a clearer foreground-midground-background. I know the sky/lighting is more diffuse in your painting, but I think using the lighting more to define your forms and the depth of the image would’ve helped, and make it pop more. Also I think more color variety would help. Since you have basically two dominant colors, that don’t vary much. I also like the direction you were going with the cratery texture in the foreground.

    Smuli: I like the texture you have on the tree-shapes in the foreground. I think colors got a little monotonous, since all the trees are the same basic color, I think more variety here, in the colors and shapes, would’ve helped. The shadows under the trees are painted in a way that makes them look flatter to me, their edges are very crisp, even as they go into the distance, they are very opaque which makes them look like they are being cast on a harder/flat surface, by a stronger light. I think the way you painted ripples and shadows around where the worm thing was emerging works better, and it would’ve looked good to see that where the trees go into the mudtoo, since to me they look a bit more like they are resting on the mud than actually going into it.

    Emokun: I like the winding shapes of the trees in your image. I think you could’ve used a bit more atmosphere to push the perspective, as the image looks like it have a lot of distance overall, but the green trees have such a similar value and color throughout that they look a little flatter than they should. The character seems to have really strong highlights that doesn’t match the lighting through the rest of the image. I think rendering out the big shapes in the foreground and putting a little more atmosphere between the tree forms would’ve went a long way. I like the composition, it’d be nice if you had went just a little further with it.

    JanJager: Really nice  I like the atmosphere and depth of the image. You gave the trees just enough texture without going overboard. The color scheme I think could be pushed a little more, at least it seems you have a lot of certain color tones, maybe too much. The birds might be a little too solid and crisp for how far into the image they are? Feel a little funny critiquing this as it’s so far beyond anything I could do!

    JeiWo: I like the colors and solid brush strokes you used. This one just doesn’t seem to have enough going on, there isn’t too much to look at. Maybe more interesting tree shapes and a bit more color variety would help. It looks nice for what it is, but I think it needs a bit more energy. I think a stronger foreground would go a long way.

    J Kennard: I think this one needs to be a little more simplified and pulled together more. A lot of the elements seem very separate from each other. The shapes in the foreground are all very dark and evenly painted, I think they should recede into the image more. The glowy orange lighting kinda blocks out a quarter of your image, and seems separate from everything else. On the other side the streaky rain clouds block off another separate quarter of the image. I think just blocking in the basic shapes and values more and not trying to render out in different areas too specifically will help.

    Kir Nuyts: This one seems to have that kinda segregated? Coloring that a few others did. The strong red and blue/purple divide up the image and I think are a bit distracting. I like all the things you have going on with the spacecraft and whatnot, this one has more of a story to it. I think the spaceship in the center of the image looks flat though, because I imagine it’s supposed to be huge and go way back into the distance where it’s shooting off that blue beam. It looks though like it is very short and is in the foreground, the beam almost separate from it. I think it’s just because something like that is difficult to paint in perspective, and you used a similar value range throughout the ship, where it should recede into the distance more.

    +oas_+: I like the simple coloring style, everything is pretty united in how you painted it. I think it’s a little confusing that the darkest values of the image are in the mid ground. The foreground is a lot lighter, that might not be bad, but it does make the image look flatter and a little odd. I Like the yellow moss you’ve sprinkled through the image, although it seems a little too obvious, maybe blend it in more or put it more evenly through the image? I think bringing out your foreground more, with stronger lighting and maybe some texture would help a lot. The shapes in the midground are probably too repetitive. I think you should try to frame your composition more, since there isn’t a very strong focal point. Also it would be cool to try and add in something to give it more life and variety of objects. Anything to add more story to the image would go a long way.

    Dannenart: I really like the texture and atmosphere you got goin on. The motion and framing of the trees make a nice composition. I think it is a little bit empty though and just a few more interesting things too look at in the image would go a long way.

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    Awesome stuff. Love the colors in every piece!
    Chate Noire and Lane, amazing!

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