The Entry Call of 2010 Shanda Games Is Closed

Shanda Games Creative Cartoon Competition “XX and Its Friends” call forentries comes to a close on January 15th, 2011. The competition, which influenced a lot on the character design and creative industry, hasattracted eyeballs of numerous artists both domestic and overseas. Thankyou for all your attention.

Core of this competition is Creation, the competition granted the maximum extent of creation freedom, and meanwhile artists were really activated with rich imagination. Till deadline, number of registered more then 1000, works available as submitted are over 800 sets. There is a big number of mature and independently created excellent works among the submitted. The organization committee will select top 5 works in the next step.

Shanda has gathered a big amount of fresh and excellent works through this competition, as well as brought the overseas design style and idea to China, also provided an opportunity for idea exchange for both domestic and overseas artists. The competition also showed talents of young Chinese artists, who brought fresh air and strengthened the power of creative industry in China.

Awards Announcement: February 28th, 2011
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