Hello concept artists. I have been working on a project for a while now, itís a novel but I recently thought it would be much more exciting to develop it as a graphic novel. Sorry, like youíre probably used to on here, this is a non paying job but if there is any money to be made it would be divided evenly.

The story I wrote is called Logo Project, itís sort of a wild dystopian type novel that has a setting on circus/carnival grounds. The story is about a circus themed advertising business set up in a thick wooded area (a retreat) where powerful business people meet to watch avant guard artists die and to use their works (paintings) as logos and advertisements to promote/jump start their business ideas. The promoter of this advertising business blows up the artists painting to fit the size of a large plexy glass cube structure divided into rooms or sections where the artist struggles to get out of. Rich business men and women sit in a black and red dim lit theatre and watch as the artist fights for his life as he is put through certain obstacles and torturous situations. The blood and carnage that is left plastered on the backdrop of the painting is used as a logo for the highest bidder.
If you guys are interested in reading the draft for the story let me know and Iíll send it to you. You can email me at: regentstreak@hotmail.com . I also have pictures that I found on the internet to give an idea of the colors, building structures, and characters that I had in mind for the story. Again if anybody is interested or has any questions please let me know.