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    200 Rounds. Over 4500 creatures!

    Hey Creature Designers! I wanted to give a little love to all the amazing artists that have contributed to Creature of the Week over the years. After 50 rounds Fozzybar decided to put together a set of statistics on the event. I spent a few weeks of time a small amount of sanity to bring you this set right here

    Note: All statistics are pre-round 200, so bear with me on that count.
    Note 2: If you have any corrections to make, please feel free to notify me via PM, I'll see what I can do about getting those corrections made.

    General Statistics:
    Total number of entries: 4568
    Total number of artists: 1489*
    Average number of entries per artist: 3
    Average number of entries per round: 22.6
    *Refers only to the number of people with entries in the poll

    Most Entries by a single artist:
    JakkaS - 68
    scorge - 59
    Michael Jaecks - 49
    Mike Corriero - 45
    Redehlert - 42

    In all of Creature of the Week’s Rounds, there were only 4 in which every single artist had participated in at least one previous round, how’s that for biodiversity? Those 4 rounds are:
    #051 Leaf Riders
    #190 Heterogenous Heads
    #192 Costume Creature
    #199 Mischief Maker

    Total number of votes: 19, 551
    Most votes in one round: 257 (C.O.W. #100 - Creature Festival), 159 (C.O.W. #107 - Elemental Dragon), 158 (C.O.W. #066 - Hellish Beast)
    Least number of votes in one round: 39 (C.O.W. #189 - Glass Rings)
    Average number of votes per round: 96.7
    Average win percentage: 31.7%
    Average number of votes for a winner: 30.7

    Rounds with Ties:
    #001 - Mascot Round, #015 - Gluttonous Emperor, #029 - Tentacles, #088 - Buoy, #106 - Glacier Terror, #129 - Cave Dweller, #131 - Sound Creature, #136 - Beatific Dragon with Breath Weapon, #137 - CNN Breaking News: Life Found on Titan, #158 - It Lives Beneath the Surface of the Moon, #184 - Airborne Acrobat, #188 - Simple Slime, #191 - Arctic Warbeast, #194 - Best in Show
    Total ties: 14
    3-Way Ties: #131 Sound Creature (Wiggers, dwinbotp, Arthur-gl)

    Winning Creature Categories:
    Land-Bound Winning Creatures: 136
    Airborne Winning Creatures: 29
    Aquatic Winning Creatures: 20
    Combinations of the above types of Creatures: 19

    Arctic Winning Creatures: 14
    Desert Winning Creatures: 10
    Winning Creatures Residing in Space: 3
    Undead Winning Creatures: 4

    Largest percentage of votes for a winner:
    74% - JakkaS - C.O.W. #049 - Creature Bred and Used by the FIFA
    71% - emerging - C.O.W. #172 - Five Legs and Supervision
    66% - Brandozer - C.O.W. #177 - Camelus Aquas, the Water Hoarder
    65% - JanJager - C.O.W. #185 - Rusty Metal Eater

    Largest number of entries in one round:
    C.OW. #100 - Creature Festival - 45
    C.O.W. #66 - Hellish Beast - 43
    CACohesion #001 - Mounted Predator for Hunters - 43

    Most winning entries:
    JakkaS - 21
    Njoo - 9
    Tyranx - 8
    Mike Corriero - 7
    scorge - 6

    Alphabetized List of winners:
    [Dan], (lark, abo, Aedant, a la bapsi, AndrewLey, Anthis, Arbinn, Arthur-gl, ATAnderson, Bel696, bigmikey, blobs, bluefooted, Bralt Hannicart, Brandozer, bumskee, calyx, cannibalcandy, Chuck,Mate., Chuck Wadey, coldrum, CyberMonkeytron3000, dannE-B, DARIZ, Dougbot, dragon4lunch, duddlebug, Dusty, dwinbotp, Edward_B, electric goat, emerging, eraserfoot, Eriboss, Farquad, Floris Didden, Fozzybar, Fungi, hurricane, gatling, Genital_Eclipse, GreenTopaz, GoldenSerpent, gunnarsson, Homerid, JakkaS, JanJager, jfwalls, JoBeSu, John Bridges, Jull, Kayness, Lander, lkjhgfdsa, Lodin, longshao, lolow, luness, Marco Mazzoni, masque, Matt Dixon, mayk, Michael Jaecks, MIKECORRIERO, misledtomisery, Mj0lnir, mobius-9, Mr--Jack, Negrotuerto, NicHolS, Ninth, njoo, no_name_brand, o0Dave0o, Ostrander, Paolo13, peppi, Phade01, Prometheus|ANJ, Prostate Sunrise, PsiBug, Rah-Bop, Ramitxon, rawwad, redehlert, Red Rook, Ricardo Robles, romance, rubberman, samantharobinson, Saturn’s Gate, Schwager, scorge, Snarfevs, Soulweaver, SOUTHERN, Stephan_R, Steve Somers, Stimpy, Stitchface, Supervlieg, Timmy the Turtle, TomCardin, Tom Garden, Tyranx, Vaejoun, VegasMike, whiteeeeeee, Wiggers, xia, xgabo, yoitisi
    Total number of winners: 114

    Most second place entries:
    JakkaS - 12
    MIKECORRIERO, lkjhgfdsa - 9
    scorge, supervlieg - 7
    VegasMike - 5
    Fozzybar, Stephan_R - 4

    Most third place entries:
    JakkaS, scorge - 11
    Fozzybar - 6
    MIKECORRIERO, Supervlieg, VegasMike - 5
    (lark, Matt Dixon, Stephan_R - 4
    Bluefooted, Glokund, longshao, Michael Jaecks, njoo, rawwad - 3

    Alphabetized list of second-placers:
    (lark, Aedant, Alex Garner, alice_, AndrewLey, Anthis, Apocalypse_Rex, Arri, arteric, Arthur ‘Two Sheds’, ATAnderson, banhatin, Baron Impossible, blobs, bluefooted, br0kenspirit, Bralt Hannicart, cannibalcandy, chriskot, Chuck,mate., Chuck Wadey, cloister, cmr8286, Conejo Blanco, cw, daveneale, Delmar, deschamps, Dougbot, Dreckster, dwinbotp, Edward_B, emerging, eraserfoot, EricT, Farquad, FilRam, FlyingMilton, Fozzybar, Fungi, FunkytownP, GoldenSerpent, gorillagrin, GreenTopaz, gunnarsson, Homerid, hurricane, Ive, IVIATT, JakkaS, JanJager, kboss, Kreator, Labrynthine, lancer_idenoure, Lander, Leckronium, Leosdel, lkjhgfdsa, Lodin, longshao, luness, Marco Mazzoni, mediaslave, Michael Jaecks, MIKECORRIERO, mime, Mj0lnir, Moai, Mr--Jack, Muttonhead, Negrotuerto, NicholS, Nightblue, nightfiend, Ninth, njoo, nrek, Oddo, openanewworld, Orion9282, Paolo13, Parsakoira, peppi, Phade01, phizpietl, Plate, polawat, prepsage, Prostate Sunrise, Rambozo, Ramitxon, R a n d i s, rawwad, Reality Forge, romance, Rusty, salaryman, scorge, scumgrinder, shockowaffel, silliKONe, Simonl, Sinnerman, Snarfevs, SOUTHERN, SprayNation, Stephan_R, Steve Somers, Stitchface, Supervlieg, SwitchbladeArchitect, Thalion, t e m p i s t ~, Tommoy, t rAt, Vampire Ninja, VegasMike, Vorace, walachnia, whiteeeeeee, xia, xgabo, Yannertastic, zimfin

    Alphabetized List of Third-Placers:
    (lark, abo, acb, alice_, alive, Anthis, Arbinn, Artifex33, arteater, Arthur ‘Two Sheds’, Audit, benu, blobs, Bluefooted, blue-mayonnaise, BlkCelebration, Boug, br0kenspirit, Bruce Jensen, bumskee, cakeypigdog, carotello, ceberae, Chris Noeth, cloister,, Craig Houghton, CrowCandy, Darkly, daveneale, davi, David-david, dCepT, DeathbyChris, DefiledVisions, DeKal, digitalfly, dragon4lunch, dwinbotp, Edward_B, Einen, electric goat, emerging, FilRam, Fozzybar, FredF, gatling, GatorKyle, Genital_Eclipse, Glokund, goog, grey, gorillagrin, Gumish, Haekel, hurricane, Hybrid_75, indus, Ira_Melanox, JakkaS, JanJager, Janos, JeffSimpson, J-Sun, Jull, khe”ta, korintic, lach-land, Lenorekitty, LJS, lkjhgfdsa, Lodin, longshao, Lukavi, luness, Main Loop, Marco Mazzoni, masque, Matias, Matt Dixon, MEMPER, Michael Jaecks, MichaelMorisse, MIKECORRIERO, Miss A, mobius-9, Mr. Gadbury, MrSmith, Muttonhead, NetherVoid, nightfend, njoo, Oregano, Orion9282, os2008, Ostrander, Penumbra, Phuzion, Prostate Sunrise, rawwad, redehlert, Ricardo Robles, romance, rubberman, rushwolf, scorge, scumgrinder, Simonl, Simonstalenhag, sgtpepper, Shadoman, Shockowaffel, Si_Swe. Skullbeast, Snafu. Snarfevs, Soulweaver, Stephan_R, Steve Somers, Supervlieg, TomCardin, Tom Garden, Tyranx, Undertow, Vaejoun, Vaghauk, VegasMike, Verehin, Vorace, walnut, whiteeeeeee, xgabo, yoitisi, zephyri, ZUPZUP

    Moderator Terms:
    Fozzybar: 001-128 (January 2005 - October 2008.)
    yoitisi: 129-133 (January 2009 - February 2009)
    Michael Jaecks: 134-168 (February 2009 - February 2010)
    scorge: 169-189 (March 2010 - September 2010)
    (lark/Si_Swe: 190-??? (October 2010 - Present)

    Mods’ Choice Awards:
    I wanted to have a little category for us to give a little nod to our favorite winning entries. These are our top three (and believe me when I say we had a hard time picking)
    1. C.O.W. #122 - Catapult Creature - njoo
    2. C.O.W. #157 - Wouldn’t Wish It On My Worst Enemy - Bralt Hannicart
    3. C.O.W. #094 - Singing Death - calyx

    1. C.O.W. #152 - Half a Pound of Evil - JakkaS
    2. C.O.W. #167 - Translucent Muscular and Levitating - njoo
    3. C.O.W. #168 - Freestyle Round - cannibalcandy

    Still to come...
    Last edited by Si_Swe; February 6th, 2011 at 10:43 PM.

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