Sketchbook: Ville's Sketchbook: C&C greatly apreciated
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Thread: Ville's Sketchbook: C&C greatly apreciated

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    Ville's Sketchbook: C&C greatly apreciated

    *Hopefully I'm not double posting. Tried to post this earlier but there was a clitch and apparently the thread wasn't posted for some reason.

    *wow! a triple posting. crap. Oh well this is the thread I'm going to use. I just let admin know about the triple posting.

    It starts here and now. My very own CA sketchbook. This spawned from
    two revelations. the first one " wow! I really can't draw humans at
    all!" and the other " Wow! I really don't understand colors!". After
    realising those two things I have been furiously trying to paint/draw
    the suck out. We shall see here how that works out.

    I'll try to post stuff regularly.
    Please help me to get better. Leave comments and critiques. they will
    be greatly appreciated!

    So here it goes. Few studies I did yesterday and day before that.

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