Sketchbook: Adrien Digiglio (TronRobot's) Sketchbook
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Thread: Adrien Digiglio (TronRobot's) Sketchbook

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    Velocity Kendall thanks man, i hope im improving xd. thanks again man for cheking my shit out!

    I just wanted to share some quick stuff with you...
    Im currently in this digital art course (1st year in a 3 year course) and its pretty much heavily video-game orientated. Im struggling with it because all i want to do is draw, and paint to improve as an artist. So im considering transfering to Fine-arts ( that's if i can) do you think that would be a good option? I wish to draw tonnes, and unfortunately my course is not the right one for that. I also want to study artists and do life drawing, i think fine arts is perfect for me. what do you guys think? thanks in advance!

    - - some random shit today, some studies from giovanni civardi also. --

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