Now before I say anything I want to point out that I am by no means trying to draw anyone away from CA I'm just trying to get my art in more places.

So I have talked to several people about DA and they refuse to use any other art website in that category. Every time I go on their though I get this weird feeling that somethings off and although they have a flashy look to the site, the actual members seem to be either inexperienced and a bit rude or only willing to draw fan art(which as nice as fan art is, it's still not your idea so you cant do anything with it)
I guess the tone just puts me off but like I said their are some people I know that I would like to share my art with but I am just not sure I feel comfortable showing my work if it's just going to get a "nice work" every once in a while or someone who doesn't have the morals (or might now now any better) to not take my ideas.

Please don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that DA is a bad site(hell I barely know anything about it) I just want to know how the community compares to the great atmosphere here at CA.

Thanks so much to anyone who was willing to listen to my babble