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Thread: Confused about gesture drawing

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    Confused about gesture drawing

    Hi everyone,

    I'm currently reading and following the drawing exercises from the the book Natural Way to Draw by Nicolaides.

    With gesture drawing, whilst I enjoy doing it, I'm getting more and more confused about the point of the exercise.

    Is it a simple 'warm up' exercise and a simple way to make a mental note of something to draw later?

    Is it just to improve your eye-hands coordination, or more towards being able to recognise the main gist of the pose, or both?

    Is it meant to become a basis of something to build on later, or is it simply a throwaway prototypes? I don't get how you can build on something that is so scribbly, sometimes I forget what I've drawn.

    Is it more important to capture the whole 'big picture' or should I focus only on the main important areas? I find my drawings make a lot more sense if I do both, but often I get caught in the details and start drawing the edges (which you are not meant to do?) and with the quick 30-60 seconds drawings there's often no time to do both.

    Is the point to draw quickly or accurately? For beginners like myself, what should I focus on - draw quickly and lots of it, draw less but more accurately or feel the pose and be able to memorise it for later?

    Is gesture drawing meant to be loose and scribbly or is it meant to be nice and clean with least amount of strokes possible? Or does it not matter what you do?

    Lastly, where do you go from gesture drawings? Should you try build on it, or do you use it simply to jot down memories of what the pose was, and start from scratch? Or am I missing the point?

    I've included some of my Posemaniacs gesture drawings in the attachments. These are done in between 30-60 seconds.

    Lately I try to draw while watching movies and the results are really not good - nothing more than a bunch of scribbles. Should I avoid doing this or do I just need to persevere more and keep practising?

    What are your thoughts? Any tips, crits or feedback?

    I like Nicolaides' approach to drawing but unfortunately the example drawings in the book are not done by him, so it's really hard to imagine what he's really trying to say.

    Can anyone recommend other drawing books that have similar structured exercises?

    Sorry for the many questions, I'm really lost here ..

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