Lightship69: hey mate, how are you? I'm glad that you like the caravan picture! was a great experience to do it with crits of the people here!

Avis: thanks for stopping by! Gosh, it feels great to read that you like the cover design. Well, I'm design student, but books were never so much our topic. Was quite a challenge to do the whole thing. Even if my cover is more about about the picture and less about typography.
Regarding the environment, I had just a reference for the truck. One time I had the opportunity to drive such a thing and make some photos. That was cool. But I should do some more studies before trying to paint something again on my own. Fooling around with 3 vanishing points without having a plan is neither fun nor effective. But at least, I kick my comfort zone! But still, reading that I did some things right feels good. I will go on working hard and make to the other parts good too one day.
And more selfportraits will come for sure!

kina: which creatures do you mean? The plagues or the hippomouse? or all of them? I'm not quite sure now but I'm curious. Thanks for the nice words and visiting my sketchbook!

WRappiii: hey, thank you too for checking out! Well, even small things can make a picture look bad. I really should start to care about more about details.

aks9: great idea about the lighter second line! I can imagine the effect and definitly will use it the next time. Thanks a lot!

Rhubix: Glad that you like the creatures! Thanks for commenting.

Big update is coming now.
First, here's the complete coverpicture of my Bachelor Thesis.
Name:  BA_Cover.jpg
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Another selfportrait
Name:  1054801.jpg
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photo studies
Name:  fotostudie027.jpg
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Name:  105480.jpg
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pencil sketches. Finally, i used a scanner again!
Name:  sketchbook156.jpg
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Name:  sketchbook157.jpg
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Name:  sketchbook158.jpg
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Name:  sketchbook159.jpg
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Name:  sketchbook160.jpg
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Name:  sketchbook161.jpg
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at last some sketches I did with a ball pen. Seems like I'm out of practice!
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